The new website, is almost ready! Just a few more weeks to go, and we should be ready to launch. I’m bursting with excitement and can’t wait for you to see and be a part of it!

Dad giving me a head start in life
My father gave me a head start above the rest in life, but he hasn’t always been too sure about all the blood sweat and tears I’ve invested in this project. I think a little birdie (called Tatjana), requested my parents be more supportive of her mother, so my father made a point of sitting down with me to hear more about my vision in detail during a recent visit.

Last week I received this card from him – my mother told me he chose it himself, which brought even more tears to my eyes. I called him to thank him, and he said “I just want you to know how proud of you I am, daughter.” Don’t we all long to hear those exact words? I never thought I would. It took me so long to figure out what I wanted to be when I finally grew up.
The card that meant the world to me

This card could just as easily have been chosen for my own daughter, who dazzles and inspires me with her creativity and wisdom beyond her years. Contrary to popular belief, she has not lived a magically charmed life – she has had to overcome many tough obstacles to become one of the greatest people I know today, let alone one I am exceedingly proud of.
The absolutely true story of one amazing girl… you!

“Once there was a girl. She was unique and talented, interesting and amazing, unforgettable… and real. And she knew deep down, that if she tried something and it didn’t go as she had hoped or wanted or dreamed or planned, she could just try something different – or try the exact same thing again but approach it in a new or different way – and one day her greatest hopes and dreams could actually come true.

And so her life was full of all these amazing and unforgettable moments, events, circumstances: incredible wins, of course, but equally important – and worth it – losses.
Because, no matter what happened, she learned from everything around her and everything she went through. Yes, she fell sometimes (like everybody else), but she got up and moved forward by always being true to herself.
She hoped that maybe one day she could even make a path for others to follow… until they could make their own paths too.
You see, it’s not that she was never frightened or sad or even knew when she woke up each day what to do (no one does). It was simply that she believed in herself and always shined on – like a star. Just like you.” – Ashley Rice
Family support: Tatjana, Dad, Jewels, and Mom

Thank you so much for believing in me Tatjana, Mom and Dad – it means the world to me.
I’d like to share my greatest hopes and dreams with you too, so please sign up here to take this journey with me! I’d also love to hear how you fortify belief in yourselves? What victories and defeats have made you the star you are today?
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