I need new culinary challenges all the time, or I get bored with cooking. Luckily, my clients defined my cooking ADD as “variety”, and it soon became a strength they valued. Apparently my premium members are finding it advantageous too!

The weekly menu plan is digging them out of their same-old/same-old rut while taking the guesswork out of the equation – saving them time and money to do the things that matter most.

“My husband remarked that one of the great things about the PCA is that it’s forcing me out of my comfort zone into trying recipes that I might have not otherwise selected and the variety has been refreshing.”


Premium Members Sample Menu

Menu, recipes, grocery list, and heat to eat instructions, are all organized for you every week! Dinner will be one less thing to worry about when you can “heat to eat” in a snap. Every recipe on the menu has already been given the thumbs up (repeatedly) by my clients, so you’ll be adding variety and spice to your life that you can count on.

Trying new things is a huge advantage of the Personal Chef Approach (or PCA). It’s a great way to stretch your family’s culinary adventurism, and hone in on what works and what doesn’t in your household at the same time.

She may like a bite of it too!

Remember you can always throw a plain burger on the grill for that finicky child alongside the teriyaki burgers for everyone else in the household. She might just want to try a bite of yours when she smells those tantalizing aromas, and discover she likes something new!

Maybe your husband won’t eat seafood, but loves beef, and Junior only eats pasta.This can present a major problem with the classic approach to cooking dinner. Either you turn into a short order cook, or suffer the consequences with moans and whinges from anyone not getting their way. With the Personal Chef Approach – everyone can have what they want without YOU having to exert any extra effort to make it happen. The difference is you cook several meals once a week, not every single night! Dad can have his steak two nights running while you have the halibut, and little Jimmy eats his spaghetti.

Instead of my warbling on indefinitely here in this post, why don’t you all join me next Sunday between 1:00 PM – 2:00PM PST? I look forward to answering all of your questions, clarifying any doubts, and explaining how the PCA can be applied to your specific household.Until then, check out what you can expect to find in the recipe library with a taste of our recipe of the week!

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