There were times when I was traveling with the band that I longed for a home cooked meal and my own pillow, but last year was the complete antithesis. It seriously lacked the exotic factor of travel abroad.

Traveling “light” in Gstaad, Switzerland 1983
Whether it is the adrenalin rush of safari, exploring ancient ruins, admiring art, the aromas of a spice plantation, rummaging through a souk for some hidden treasure, to traditional garb subliminally influencing my own sense of style. I love to be completely immersed in the history, and dabble in adventure. The gypsy in me is begging to venture into the unknown, but sadly travel abroad was not on the cards last year.
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Then I thought about my google analytics, and had an aha moment! If I can’t come to where you are, maybe you can bring a piece of your culture to all of us? Would you like to be a guest blogger on “Jewels” from The Roving Stove? I’d love to hear your story, and have you share a local recipe with us to help stave off my wanderlust.
Tatjana riding a baby elephant in Thailand
Tatjana playing with a friendly baby elephant in Thailand
The not so friendly elephant outside our tent in Kenya
I want to hear about you, what your daily life is like, and what sights you feel we shouldn’t miss when we do visit your country one day. What are your favorite pastimes, and what is the typical breakfast, lunch and dinner there?
Julie Anne Rhodes in Croatia
Last summer before last in Croatia
Please send me your favorite local recipe with a photo of you (one of your recipe too would be helpful, but not mandatory), and some background about you and your homeland. For more information please visit the discussion section of my facebook page here. or send your posts to I will then try to post some of these international gems once a month, so at very least we can all have a taste of what it is like to live in your land.
Julie Anne Rhodes in Croatia 2
Relaxing in Hvaar
I’m hoping one of you will send me an authentic recipe for this wonderful lepinja I had in Hvaar summer before last.
Croatia 2010
The bread’s consistency was like a cross between thin crust pizza dough and pita. It had garlic, rosemary, sea salt with chopped olives on top. When dipped into the fragrant local olive oil it was difficult to stop at just one piece – threatening to spoil my appetite for the freshly caught grilled red fish thaWhat international cuisines are your favorites, and what would you like to try that you haven’t yet?
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