Mmmmmmm, Turkey Dijon Tenders, a new Candied Yams recipe (you’ll have to wait for that one until next year), Roasted Asparagus, Cauliflower & Celeriac Puree, and Corn.  Best still, all make-ahead recipes with the Personal Chef Approach™, so no fuss and no mess for me today. I have to say, I enjoyed my turkey dinner so much this year that I may just heat to eat what is left tomorrow exactly as is….

The world tour of leftover turkey ideas

… but here is a re-run of a post I did last year that might give your some inspiration for recycling your leftover turkey (click on photo or link above). Meanwhile, I’m toying around with some ideas for a new cookie recipe, and trying to stick to my own advice about indulgence. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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