Happy birthday Jewels from The Roving Stove! I can’t believe it has already been two years that I’ve been taking you from VIP entrances in Versace to service entrances in my apron. We are celebrating that milestone with offering our premium membership plans to the general public for the first time ever today, so I thought it would be the ideal time to explain why I built JulieAnneRhodes.com, what it is about, and who I built if for (pretty much everyone). It doesn’t matter if you’re a rock star, movie mogul, or stay at home mom – is your life really any less hectic than that of a Hollywood high-roller?

Nick, Julie Anne, and Tatjana Rhodes

Aren’t we all struggling to balance our careers, families and time to ourselves? Mastering The Personal Chef Approach means that most nights of the week you will feel like you have a personal chef. One who knows exactly how much garlic you like in your salad dressing, and how strongly your youngest child feels about mushrooms.

So who am I, and why should you take advice from me? I’m a mother, founding member of Parents for Safe Foods, former top model, actress, and ex pop star wife. Today I own the multi-award winning personal chef

Julie Anne Rhodes for Elle Magazine

service, The Roving Stove in Los Angeles. I do know a thing or two about juggling family and career, and I have nearly a decade of experience in helping people live less stressful, more healthy, and ultimately more meaningful lives – in the way that sitting down together to a home-cooked meal can.

My website won’t actually do the cooking or wash the dishes for you, but it will revolutionize your approach to cooking, and show you how to have fun doing so! Delicious, make-ahead meals that go from fridge to the table in a snap, without the daily grind of worrying about what’s for dinner, dashing to the store, preparing, and washing up. The Personal Chef Approach saves you money and affords you the luxury of time to do whatever matters most to you.

the personal chef approach

While I specifically dictated that the fees start out exceedingly low so most people could afford the premium memberships, I wanted to be sure my expertise was still available to everyone, so the free membership offers you the do-it-yourself tools to The Personal Chef Approach. Here you can follow the blog, peruse the classic recipe library to build your menu, choose recipes that suit your household needs, and make a grocery list. Then just pick up your groceries, and set a few hours aside to make food for the entire week! You will receive The Inside Dish monthly newsletter offering you tips on applying The Personal Chef Approach, and access to dear jewels (our version of the syndicated column “Dear Abby,” only on kitchen woes rather than those of the heart).To top it all off there will be members only tips, tricks, safe food handling practices, and advance access to upcoming products, shows, and news!

Personal Chef Julie Anne Rhodes

Premium members receive much greater support with download access to a pdf of a weekly menu plans complete with recipes, grocery list, tips, and “heat to eat” instructions (all the guess work is already done for you)! That alone makes this offer amazing value, as it pays for itself in the time and money you will save. You will also enjoy being a member of an exclusive community in our Premium Members Forum, providing you with a greater variety of my recipes which are updated frequently, members recipes, a cyber living room to hang out in, “how-to” videos, as well as the entire  The Inside Dish Archive to refer back to when necessary. Trust me, that is A LOT of added value for the price of one Starbucks coffee per month! Plus our low introductory rate will remain in effect for as long as you subscribe without interruption.

The Big Give Away: All premium members who join by June 29th will be entered in a drawing for a limited edition Jewels t-shirt. Ten shirts to give away, so be sure to tell all your friends about us! Winners will be announced June 30th, 2011. Just join our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP to enter.

limited edition Jewels t-shirt

Already a free member and want to upgrade? While we will make every possible effort to accommodate, please understand that T-shirt size can not be guaranteed.

Premium Memberships are available as month to month subscriptions, or for the greatest savings, buy twelve months for the price of ten with our Charter Annual Membership. Click here for more information about pricing and and other services offered at JulieAnneRhodes.com.

We want JulieAnneRhodes.com to be your favorite place to hang out on the net, and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. If you prefer more privacy, click on the contact link at the bottom of the page to reach customer service. I do hope you will join in the fun here!

All the best,


PS. Don’t forget to tune into Food(ography) on The Cooking Channel tonight to see the segment I filmed about being a personal chef in Los Angeles.

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