I am a bit old to shamelessly milk a birthday the way I have the past couple weeks, and I promise to get off the subject of cake for a while afterwards, but I have to share one of my delicious birthday finds with you first.

I have a very long cake-loving history
A small bakeshop in American Fork, Utah called The Sweet Tooth Fairy founded by Megan Faulkner Brown in 2003. Since then six more stores have opened in the area, and eight more are planned this year. Amongst other scrumpdililicious goodies, there are these little bites of heaven called Cakebites – freshly baked cake with rich creamy frosting, shaped into the perfect bite size shape, then dipped in chocolate.

The Sweet Tooth Fairy‘s Cakebites

Don’t just take my word for how sublimely tasty they are, the facts speak for themselves. The Sweet Tooth Fairy sells over 85,000 of these luscious gems every month. In fact, when Megan appeared on QVC to promote her Love at First Bite Valentines Day gift package – she sold a record breaking 50,000 Cakebites in just seven minutes!

Just one, well – maybe two – or three – or…

The genius of these stunning morsels is in their size. Such a feast for your eyes, and so chalked full of flavor in one bite that even this self-confessed cupcake addict felt satisfaction in eating just one. Well maybe two, or three, or…

Daisy was miffed there wasn’t one for her

…. oh please don’t leave me alone with an entire box full! Cakebites come in double fudge, peanut butter, grasshopper, coconut, red velvet, lemon, and fairyfetti flavors.
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