Tatjana and I are beyond bereft with the news. We have all have just lost another of the all-time great geniuses, and my personal favorite. 2016 seems to be the year of the grim reaper, but my lord what a jam is happening in heaven now. RIP Prince. Love, Julie Anne xo

Nick, Tatjana, and Julie Anne Rhodes back in the day


Tatjana’s first Prince concert was before she was even born. I’m a MAJOR Prince fan, and insisted on dancing (more like waddling) side stage during his concert at Wembley, on my due date, in August of 1986. Every time I sat down to catch my breath (I was carrying a lot of excess baggage after all) his ginormous body guard would rush over to check if I’d gone into labor.

I suppose you could say I had a weakness for slightly built musicians born the beginning of June – Nick and Prince happen to share consecutive birthday’s. Nick was well aware of my massive crush on the maestro of funk, and found it amusing. When I finally met the man I’d crushed on for years, all he had to say to me was “baby” pointing to my gargantuan belly. Not the response I’d hoped for.

Tatjana Rhodes

Well that “baby” insisted we attend the first of Prince’s unprecedented twenty-one night stand at the Forum in Inglewood, on the eve of spending three full days of nonstop concerts at Coachella. Now that is daughterly love for you!

Bigger than life

Ever conscious of his fans, the consummate performer demanded there be $25.00 all inclusive seats available at every show, although you can also opt for the VIP side stage tables for a whopping $500.00 per seat. Clever, those seats probably compensated for the the reasonable ones, and everyone was happy.

Prince in concert

A few years earlier Nick wrangled Tatjana and I seats to see Prince during his nightclub run in Vegas. She spent more time watching me, than the show – laughing hysterically over the fact that someone could reduce her mother to the state of a frenzied teenager.

The only man who can make me dance

“Mom, I knew you liked Prince, but I didn’t know you liked him THAT much,” she chortled. I never dance, but that was Prince singing mere feet away from me! I never sat down the entire night, and I suspect she wanted to see if it was a fluke. It quite obviously was not, but this time she was dancing by my side the whole time too.

Eva Longoria & Prince

We weren’t the only ones who couldn’t sit still. The Forum held over 14,000 people, including George Lopez who introduced the show, and Eva Longoria, yanked onto the stage (from those VIP seats I mentioned earlier) to dance with Prince, as the adoring crowd went crazy…

Go on - I DARE you to sit still.

… and the man with more talent per ounce than any other living being strutted his stuff to all of his greatest classics. My all time favorite – When Doves Cry, Purple Rain, Raspberry Beret, Let’s Go Crazy, Uptown, Kiss, and Little Red Corvette which always reminds me of the bet my ex welshed on.

Is he looking at me?

Nick was adamant that the lyric went “little pink Corvette'” (because the song was actually written about a couple groupies that rode around in a pink corvette that Nick had known too) chiding me for singing “little red Corvette” at the top of my lungs – not a pretty sound I might add. He said, “I’ll bet you $500,000.00 I’m right,” so I shook on it. I’m not a gambler, but any Prince fan would know it was a safe bet. Then Nick refused to pay up!

Thank You LA!

That is a LOT of Prince concert tickets, which he has graciously arranged through the years, so I  suppose you are forgiven, Nick. Thank you for getting us brilliant seats to see my idol, and allowing me the memories of sharing it with our daughter that will last forever.

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes

I’d like to dedicate my newest recipe to Prince for making me feel twenty-one, and inspiring me to get creative at what I do best again.

Raspberry Beret Bars

Raspberry Beret Bars

I’d like to dedicate my newest recipe to Prince for making me feel twenty-one, and inspiring me to get creative at what I do best again after a great concert I went to with my daughter, Tatjana.

This post was first published April 25, 2011

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