omnivore – an animal that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances
Julie Anne Rhodes - the 2 year old omnivore

Julie Anne Rhodes – the 2 year old omnivore

I feel like the last human omnivore standing. My ex went vegetarian years ago, my daughter is leaning that way these days, and I live in a part of America that thinks meat is a dirty word. I’m being forced to eat a more vegetarian diet simply to keep up with the recipe testing for my clients, but there are times when pulses, grains, and vegetables are just not enough for me. We are, after all, omnivores which means we are meant to eat some meat and poultry!

It is portion sizes (3.5 ounces is a serving, not 8 -16 ounces), and where that meat and poultry come from that can seriously effect our health. What is the livestock being fed, what conditions do they live under, and what drugs and hormones are they are given before they reach our plates? That is where our concern should be. In fact I started raising these concerns publicly when I joined Parents for Safe Foods way back in 1990.
C. Lidgate Butcher & Charcutier

C. Lidgate Butcher & Charcutier

Last month I happened upon my dream supplier of meat and poultry in London. Apart from the pristine Dickensian appearance that made me feel as if I’d stepped back into a time when food was actually food…I learned that the 150 year old family run business does indeed deliver exactly what we should be shopping for.
Old school service

Old school service

The owners “personally select organic and grass-fed beef, lamb, and pork from selected free range and organic farms and estates, including Highgrove – home farm of HRH The Prince of Wales…”. If it is fit for the future King of England, it is probably plenty fit enough for me too. Mr. Lidgate “insists on the very best breeds, farmed with consideration and reared on natural grass-fed diets supplemented with traditional winter feed. This feed is free of all animal protein, growth promoters, hormones and anti-biotics (unless prescribed by a vet). He believes that feed affects nutritional values as well as safety and is therefore a major consideration for adults and children alike.” I say AMEN!
The finest of British meats

The finest of British meats

“Other specialties include a wide range of….
...home-made sausages...

home-made sausages…

National and International award winning pies made to order in ceramic dishes...

National and International award winning pies made to order in ceramic dishes…

...and organic free-range poultry and game

…and organic free-range poultry and game

I was so impressed that I asked to meet Mr. Lidgate personally. Once he appeared, I shyly introduced myself, gave him a sample of my Cocoa Magic Rub to try, and my business card. I would consider it the highest of honors for The Roving Stove to have a place on the shelves at the back of the store.
Last omnivore standing

Last omnivore standing

I’ve written this in the hope that it may in some way encourage you to think twice about what and how you feed your own family. Remember that it is the consumer at the end of the day that food suppliers have to answer to. It is all about supply and demand…shouldn’t we demand better food? Do you know of any butchers like C. Lidgate near you? Click on “comments” below, and let me know. In the meantime…I’m making shepherd’s pie for dinner tonight, and I’m hoping you will also follow me on my other blog too.

Shepherd's Pie
Jewels Shepherd’s Pie
In America we tend to confuse shepherd’s pie with cottage pie. The easy way to remember which is which is to think about the title – shepherds tend to sheep, so shepherd’s pie is the one with lamb and cottage pie is made with beef. Use this same recipe to make a cottage pie by simply substituting beef for the lamb.
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