The New Year is not off to the best start. Poor little Daisy had to be rushed off to hospital yesterday, the special offer I planned to start running has been delayed, and Murphy’s law appears to be playing havoc with my business plan. Still, I know that letting myself sink into the quagmire of negativity won’t solve anything, so how does one boost morale when the chips are down?

Daisy wasn't happy about the visit to the vet, but she is on the mend now

Daisy wasn’t happy about the visit to the vet, but she is on the mend now

I’m a firm believer that the only difference between the entrepreneur who succeeds and the one who doesn’t, is that the successful one doesn’t give up. If one road doesn’t take them where they want to go, they find another, or as my friend John Paul DeJoria told Barbara Walters, “… Successful people, Barbara, do all the things unsuccessful people refuse to do, like stay enthusiastic when you keep on getting rejected.” Trust me, JP walks his talk. While his success has been astounding, I admire him most for his buoyant resolve and tenacity (plus he is a genuine person), but what if you’re not a naturally positive person?

Are you naturally wired negative or positive?

Are you naturally wired negative or positive?

I’m convinced people are born with their brains wired positive or negative. Staying positive does not come naturally to me, so I’m constantly working on reprogramming my thoughts. First and foremost, I make sure I am in a healthy environment. It’s simply counterproductive to surround myself with negative people when I’m struggling to correct my own thought process. I either want solution seekers around me, or I prefer to be alone. I’m also a visually sensitive person, so being in aesthetically soothing surroundings helps me exponentially. A more regular meditation practice wouldn’t go amiss either. It’s so important to be centered within yourself when dealing with outer turmoil.

Environment and grateful lists help!

Environment, meditation, and grateful lists help me – how do you adjust your attitude?

I also make grateful lists. I smirked at a friend who suggested this years ago, but I swear it does work! Okay, so a team member disappointed me  – a year ago I didn’t even have a team. I’m lucky to have help today. I’m also learning how to sort the wheat from the chaffe, and gaining insight into where my own communication skills need improving. Mistakes are just opportunities to grow.

Stay proactive - postive action yields positive attitude

Stay proactive – postive action yields positive attitude

The best way I know to pick myself up, and ward off the toxicity of fear, is to stay proactive. Okay, so plan “A” didn’t work – what other options are available to me that might still produce the results I’m striving for? Are there other avenues left unexplored? What research needs to be done, or what new skill might help propel me there? This old dog has learned more new tricks in the past few years than in the entirety of my academic education, and I’ve surprised myself by how voracious that appetite to learn actually is! When I take action a more positive outlook prevails.

Julie Anne Rhodes

Flip the bird to negative thoughts!

The reality is I can spin out over people and things I can’t control, or work on improving myself and the things I can change. I took Daisy to the vet, gave my colleague an extra couple days, and I’m working with my developer to resolve the technical issues. My new motto? When life hands you lemons, make…

Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken

Lemon Garlic Roast Chicken

Tangy and simple, yet sensationally flavorful, this is easily my favorite roast chicken recipe served with crispy roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips. What’s not to love with dinner in one pan?

P.S. What tips do you have for picking yourself up when the going gets tough?

P.P.S. Writing this helped me lift a major funk I was in on Wednesday – it does work when your willing to make the effort.

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