Sheer blouse & skirt

Unabashed Glamour

“I’m the man who has spent 40 years measuring and studying women’s bodies. Not just thin women. Everyday real women. Real bosoms. Real problems. Women who have no tits and want them, and women who want them smaller. I build frocks.” – Antony Price
Red velvet… Keep Reading »

Jewels and Jerry

(EX)Rock Wives Speak Out

MTV did a show in the late 1980″s Called Rock Wives Speak Out. The commercial for it was so melodramatic that every time we heard Jerry Hall announce the title in her infectious Texan drawl, we would burst into fits of laughter. Since I had… Keep Reading »

Tatjana at Luggala

If These Walls Could Talk…

Once upon a time Luggala was my home away from home. Within it’s walls I lived a fairytale existence far beyond anything my own imagination could have conjured. While my weeks were filled with the ravages of divorce, my weekends were spent surrounded by natures… Keep Reading »

Nick and Julie Anne Rhodes dancing

A Nice Day for a Wild Wedding

Twenty-seven years ago today, I said “I do.” It is a little odd (especially since we’ve been divorced for eons) that my big day is still newsworthy enough to write about, but there it is again – splashed all over the pages of this month’s… Keep Reading »

Cinnamon Rice Blend Pilaf

The Light Painter

DON’T CHANGE THAT DIAL! I see the stats – I know many of you switch off when I write about art, but I think you will be interested in this one. Dean Chamberlain is a longtime friend of mine (and my ex-husband’s), who did the mega… Keep Reading »


The Housewives on Vacation

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes in Mustique
Last week’s episode of Housewives of New York vacationing in the Caribbean disturbed me. I know it is reality TV, and the more the drama queens bitch, the better for ratings- but really? The Caribbean and cat fights are… Keep Reading »

Paris feature

Surviving Paris with Croque Monsieurs

Jewels by Dean Chamberlain

I hated Paris when I first lived there. While my ex spent every waking hour in the studio recording first ‘A View to a Kill’ then the ‘Arcadia’ album, I was left to fend for myself in what I initially found to… Keep Reading »


The Rock Star Treatment

John Taylor, Julie Anne, and Nick Rhodes
Even when I was married to a pop star, I never received the kind of rock star treatment I received at the Ivy this week. Okay, I admit I’ve missed being able to turn up to the hottest, hippest… Keep Reading »




I’m not going to lie. Going from hiring the staff to BEing the staff has not always been easy. When you’ve been married to a member of Princess Diana’s favorite Band, had Andy Warhol on speed-dial, and Mick Jagger happened to be the bartender at your… Keep Reading »