Daughters & RIP Van Winkle Moments

Jewels: As I enjoyed my last few days with Tatjana before she returned to London for her father’s gig in Hyde Park this weekend as part of the Olympic opening celebrations, guest blogger Rachel Cree-Lowe was also
Tatjana at one of her father’s concerts as a wee… Keep Reading »

Rack of Lamb Provencal for Mother's Day

Bag Lady Chooses Art Treasures Over Home

After my last blog post, a man asked me if I still had my Keith Haring artwork? My reply was, “Of course – they are like family heirlooms. I’d end up homeless before I would sell, but at least I’ll have cool artwork in my bag… Keep Reading »

A View from the Fishbowl of Fame

I reluctantly wrote this post months ago, but the problem seems to be rearing it’s ugly head again, so I decided to go ahead and post it now. You know I don’t like dwelling on the negative, but I wish some people would remember that harboring… Keep Reading »

Amanda at John's birthday party in Montserrat

With a Little Help from my Friends

I have so much more than just one atom of gratitude for you this Sunday. I mentioned before that a friend visiting from London made me a scrumptious vegetarian dinner earlier in the week. I first clapped eyes on Amanda Kyme (gasping at her beauty)… Keep Reading »

My Year in Review, 2011

The last week of the year is when I really notice all that I have to be grateful for. Taking stock of the year’s accomplishments, triumphs, and fun (and making a mental notes of where my weaknesses could be strengthened) helps me set new goals… Keep Reading »

Recipe Writing 101 (Jewels Style)

One of my premium members asked me how to write a recipe the other day. I wasn’t quite sure how to answer that, since I’m not a classically trained chef – I can only offer my own path to painting with flavor. I’ve always loved food, my fondest memories of childhood were… Keep Reading »

The Tough go Shopping

With all of us feeling worse for wear after a long night of partying back in my Duran Duran days, Chic co-founder, mega producer, and composer Nile Rodgers said to me “come on Jewels, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”  That phrase… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes

Love at First Bite?

Considering Nick Rhodes did not know how to boil water when we were married, I cracked up when he sent me this cooking video. Who would have thought we’d be sharing recipes after all these years, eh?
According to Tatjana, her father is a rather excellent cook these… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes

The Dog Ate My Homework?

I could lie, and tell you Dasiy (my dog) ate my homework… but I’m not going to. The truth is I’m still

finding my groove in providing my members with all of the fab benefits and amazing value I promised

while dealing with an apparent upturn in the economy that has resulted… Keep Reading »

The World Tour of Leftover Turkey

Thanksgiving dinner tastes great on the night, but you should use a little creativity when recycling the leftovers to avoid Thanksgiving overkill. I try to take my taste buds on a mini world tour to keep it interesting. No odes to leftover here – your… Keep Reading »

Women: Inspiration and Enterprise Part I

“You have to be the change you want to see in the world”, Gandhi
It all started with a piece I wrote for the Keith Haring Foundation. I was stunned into action, astounded by how much my talented and benevolent friend managed to accomplish in his… Keep Reading »

The World According to Andy

At sixteen I inherited some money, and promptly spent it on Andy Warhol’s Wicked Witch from the myth series. I had no inkling that a few years later this girl from Iowa would be rubbing shoulders with my favorite artist – regularly dining at Mr…. Keep Reading »

Love Is A Concert

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes at Madison Square Gardens N’ Sync concert

I felt trapped in an episode of the Twilight Zone as I suggested the unimaginable to Tatjana – that the frenzied throngs of screaming girls surrounding us at the N’ Sync concert at Irvine… Keep Reading »