Tatjana Rhodes: Girl Gone Good!

Now that Tatjana is finally starting share her work on her Vimeo channel, its time to do a little shameless promotion of my talented daughter. I don’t think there was ever any question that she would go into the arts.
The young artist
Initially it seemed animation would… Keep Reading »

How To Avoid OVER Indulging On The Holidays

Thanksgiving signals the beginning of family get-togethers and holiday parties, and along with it a lot mindless grazing and stress eating that can pack on the pounds.  Statistics suggest that the average person gains between 2-5 lbs. over the holiday period. I know when I… Keep Reading »

The Power of Social Media & Friendship

I’m a Facebook girl. It’s such an easy way to communicate with friends around the globe.  I also admit, I’ve never been very fond of other social media platforms, especially  Twitter. So many faceless strangers, plus I find the 140 character limit frustrating.  I rarely… Keep Reading »

Flashback Friday: Video Killed The Radio Star

“The one thing I always wanted to do, is sing, but I can’t,” I confided in Nick the day we met. “Oh, I can get anyone in a modern day studio and make them sound great,” he claimed . WRONG, not long after we were… Keep Reading »

Brit Week Bliss, Even in High Heels

I received an invitation to OPFASHART, which at first glance I read as a less than ladylike bodily function, but then the image of my friend Amanda Eliasch emblazoned across the front caught my eye – it looked remarkably as though my old pal, artist Duggie… Keep Reading »

(EX)Rock Wives Speak Out

MTV did a show in the late 1980″s Called Rock Wives Speak Out. The commercial for it was so melodramatic that every time we heard Jerry Hall announce the title in her infectious Texan drawl, we would burst into fits of laughter. Since I had… Keep Reading »

The PCA™ Celebrates Dinner Accomplished

I’ve always loved celebrating birthdays. I think it’s important to pay tribute to your origins, reminisce over the wonderful memories that were part of what made you who (or in this case what) you are today, and then assess and lay plans for the future…. Keep Reading »

Sobriety’s Pleasure Groove

I know this may sound strange, because I had absolutely nothing to do it, but I was so proud to watch my old partner in well, you know…. John Taylor presented with the  2013 Writers in Treatment Experience, Strength, & Hope Award for “demonstrating character,… Keep Reading »

And the Grammy Goes To….

I’ve been invited to one of the Grammy gifting suites (who doesn’t love free goodies) on behalf of Focus on Style, which I’ll do my best to get to, but business has been booming, and keeping new recipes, menus, and these blog posts coming for my… Keep Reading »

Alison’s Save A Prayer

Hello there to all the talented and fabulous gourmands out there who are loving their Personal Chef Approach™ and the unique glamor and beauty Jewels brings along to it. We always say that we are twin sisters from another band, divorced moms with daughters the… Keep Reading »

Facebook to Facebook with Jean Morisson

Jean Morisson and I met Facebook to Facebook, then eventually face to face last month when we had a fabulous girls night out at Gyu-Kaku here in Los Angeles. Don’t let looks deceive you – for an exquisitely petite uber hip chick, she is more… Keep Reading »

To Sir With Love & Happy Birthday Wishes

No, I didn’t forget! How could I when he happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet? I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, and spoil the surprise for one of the music world’s most prolific and illustrious… Keep Reading »

Olympic Gold Medal Shopping

My daughter is an Olympic gold medalist shopper. She comes by it naturally. Both her maternal grandmother and her father could quite easily compete with her for the title. I remember shopping with my mom with as a
Julie and Johnnie Friedman in the shopping days
child. It… Keep Reading »