Sheer blouse & skirt

Unabashed Glamour

“I’m the man who has spent 40 years measuring and studying women’s bodies. Not just thin women. Everyday real women. Real bosoms. Real problems. Women who have no tits and want them, and women who want them smaller. I build frocks.” – Antony Price
Red velvet… Keep Reading »

David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A London

The Life & Times of David Bowie: Act II

I’m still so sad over the loss of David Bowie, both as an avid fan and an old friend. Thank you so much for the sheer pleasure your incredible body of work brought us all, and the warmth of your friendship. I hold so many… Keep Reading »

Tatjana's first birthday

To My Birthday Girl

I am so happy you have someone to love in your life. Better still, someone with a birthday just two days apart from your own – you’ll always have each other to celebrate with. I’m looking forward to a belated celebration next week, but it is… Keep Reading »


Birthday Memories and Milestones

You’d think by now I would’ve developed a little more “cool,” if not downright mystery about my birthdays, but I still get as excited about them as a three -year-old would. My parents are driving in from Palm Springs today to spoil me all weekend,… Keep Reading »

Christina, John, and Jewels

Sobriety’s Pleasure Groove

I know this may sound strange, because I had absolutely nothing to do it, but I was so proud to watch my old partner in well, you know…. John Taylor presented with the  2013 Writers in Treatment Experience, Strength, & Hope Award for “demonstrating character,… Keep Reading »

Nile Rodgers with Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes back in the day

To Sir With Love & Happy Birthday Wishes

No, I didn’t forget! How could I when he happens to be one of my favorite people on the planet? I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, and spoil the surprise for one of the music world’s most prolific and illustrious… Keep Reading »

Brett, Nile, Julie Anne and Nick

The Tough go Shopping

With all of us feeling worse for wear after a long night of partying back in my Duran Duran days, Chic co-founder, mega producer, and composer Nile Rodgers said to me “come on Jewels, when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.”  That phrase… Keep Reading »

Tatjana Rhodes 25th birthday

Happy 25th Birthday Tatjana!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TATJANA! It’s mind boggling to me that my baby is now a quarter of a century old! After almost as many hours of travel as years old she is (the Rhodes’ family version of candles on a cake) – we are finally soaking up… Keep Reading »

Cinnamon Rice Blend Pilaf

The Light Painter

DON’T CHANGE THAT DIAL! I see the stats – I know many of you switch off when I write about art, but I think you will be interested in this one. Dean Chamberlain is a longtime friend of mine (and my ex-husband’s), who did the mega… Keep Reading »


From Fashion to Style

The soundtrack to my life might be David Bowie’s Fashion. I can’t help humming it, and trying to remember the lyrics as I write this.

Jewels pictured with Twiggy in a London Times article
I lived for dressing up, forever mimicking some character I admired. When barely… Keep Reading »


Happy Birthday Tatjana!

Julie Anne & Tatjana Lee Orchid Rhodes on 23 August, 1986
I can’t imagine ever experiencing a greater joy than the day you were born. That’s why your birthdays have always been so special to me. I loved letting my imagination run wild with themes, and… Keep Reading »