One would presume I’d be concocting the perfect Super Bowl party menu, and furiously photographing the food for this blog post, but alas, the closest I ever came to watching the Super Bowl was a call back for a Budweiser commercial culminating from my first audition when I moved back to Los Angeles in January 1998.

Jewels by Lori Dorn

In fact, one of my ex husband’s finer attributes, as far as I was concerned, was that he detested American football as much as I did. Now soccer? Give me a couple World Cup tickets to the players box (that actually did

We both preferred fashion shows to football games

happen when, post divorce, I had a friend that played for England), and I’ll be there like a shot, I’m not crazy, it’s prime flirting territory! The odds are at least twenty hot men to every woman. Plus, I had no idea how

Jewels conceding

instantaneously I would become the most popular gal in London when I had an extra World Cup ticket to share. I had my pick of more suitors than even I could contend with. Come to think of it…

A perfect medium rare grilled cilantro-cumin flank steak

… they do say “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” so maybe I should entice you with a recipe? My Cilantro-Cumin Beef Wraps would be appropriate for the occasion. Flank steak is a tasty yet

Spread the spicy lime mayonnaise

inexpensive cut of beef that will stretch a long way with this recipe. Slice the meat against the grain once you have marinated and grilled it as desired. Meanwhile whisk together the spicy lime mayonnaise to spread

Load in all your ingredients and roll

on your whole grain tortilla. Load all your other ingredients on top, roll, secure and slice. Of course, this steak is equally delicious atop a salad for all you figure conscious ladies out there. Just use lots of the salad greens,

Cilantro-Cumin Beef Wraps

chopped tomatoes and avocado for your base, toss in a little red wine vinaigrette, and serve with a couple slices of the grilled cilantro-cumin steak on top. If you would like to sample a free recipe of mine, please click here for our recipe of the week, if you would like to view this recipe, please upgrade to our premium membership. Meanwhile, what’s your game day menu plan?

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