Sundays are made for lounging about and perusing the web. Sometimes there are finds that I just can not possibly keep to myself. It may be a photograph, a recipe, point of view, some goodies I lust after, … today it is clothes.

Julie Anne Rhodes by Dean Chamberlain

Sadly they have been relegated to the bottom of my budget for a while (alas, that’s what happens when you’re starting a new business).

John Galliano for Dior from In New York Paris Tomorrow

I relish the profound uplift I feel wearing an elegant new outfit, or the playfulness of dressing up or down to express my mood. I try to add one or two expensive, yet classic pieces to my wardrobe every year. You can get away with high street on most everything else, but there are no substitutes for an exquisitely tailored jacket or a well crafted pair of shoes. These are the pieces you will wear forever, so in the long run you get more wear for your money . This is where you should splurge.

Those classical pieces take on a whole new vibe when complemented with new trendsetting pieces. This is where I save a ton of money buying less expensive, more whimsical, or statement making pieces. I’ll only be wearing them for one or two seasons, so I don’t want to spend big here. You can really fill out your wardrobe well on a budget this way. So go ahead and match an inexpensive ruffled blouse with that designer blazer to give it an updated look.

Topshop Spring/Summer collection 2011

England has a wealth of stores that carry high fashion pieces at high street prices, and they are starting to migrate to the US. H&M, and Topshop are two of my favorites. Men – you should check out my old friend Antony Price’s line Priceless for TopManthe clothes sell out as soon as they hit the shelves, so be quick!

Priceless at Topman

Many department stores here have their share of designer names as well – such as Vera Wang’s Simply Vera for Kohl’s that can save you a ton while still spicing up your wardrobe.

I always have a hard time finding vintage clothes to fit me since I am so tall and long waisted, but ooh la la when it comes to accessories (which still give you that vintage flavor your looking for). Try a classic shift dress with a vintage belt, jewelry, or handbag. Shopping vintage can cover the gamut in price range, so be sure to check the price tag. Again, these might be pieces you will wear for years, so splashing out a little extra may be warranted.

Boots, vintage, and tailored jacket

What tips do you have in expressing your personality through clothes while not breaking your piggy bank? Where do you like to shop?
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