Love the lady of leisure role
Sundays are made for lounging about and perusing the web. Sometimes there are finds that I just can not possibly keep to myself. It may be a photograph, a recipe, point of view, some goodie I lust after, … today it is good service – monkey service that is. Good help is hard to find, and this man in Japan has certainly found some unusually interesting waiters, monkeys!
They are adorable, but I have to admit I’m not quite sure about the health department going for it over here. Monkeys are known to be rather dirty creatures, but they do appear to be wearing diapers as part of the uniform. Wonder how much monkey minimum wage is?
Girls night out
Luckily they do observe animal rights regulations that each monkey work no longer than two hours a day. Would you like monkey service? They seem faster than the human kind, and rather more polite than some. I’ll have to start carrying boiled soybeans for tips.
PS. Hmmmmmmmm, I’ve been looking for a couple new interns…
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