If I called you, and said “send me your measurements, and I’ll have a drop dead gorgeous couture gown made just for you, but the catch is – you can only have it, if it fits like a glove once it is made,” what would you do?

The spectacular wedding dress Antony Price made for me
Would you know how to take your own measurements properly? Stop dreaming, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, I’m far too stingy, but it is handy to know how to measure yourself in case the opportunity arises, as it did for my friend Madame X.
Modeling an Antony Price
She’s going to be a bridesmaid this summer in Chicago. Problem is, she lives here in Los Angeles, so the bride-to-be called her asking for her measurements. Madame was flustered, ” why would the alterations department of a department store measure me if I’m not buying the dress from them?” she urgently emailed, “do you know a good tailor, Julie Anne?”
Antony Price at work
“Not in Los Angeles (home of the t-shirt and jeans set), but I do know someone in London that can help.” Antony Price is one of the last bastion of fashion designers on the planet that knows how to make a garment from sketch, to pattern, cutting, and sewing. Sadly, it is a dying art. Most designers today create their sketches, then computers and factories do the rest. Precious few left alone with a sketch pad, chalk, muslin, fabric, scissors, needles and thread can produce a well tailored outfit. Couture is threatened with extinction.
Jewels on the town
So, who better to call for instructions than Antony? A man I adore for his often peculiar but fabulous observations on life and the amusing, highly descriptive words he chooses to convey his message.
The inspirational hibiscus
When we were on holiday together years ago, Tone, who takes his inspiration from nature, sat intently admiring a hibiscus. After several minutes he casually remarked “God must have been having a very good day when he designed that one.” Those words immediately conjured up an image of God (in the classic biblical paintings sense) sitting on a billowing cloud with an enormous sketch pad, designing the world and all living creatures within it. I remember it whenever I see something particularly beautiful. I also still have the goddess-like ensemble that resulted from that very flower (if only it still fit, long sigh).
Wearing the hibiscus inspired ensemble
I got a little sidetracked there, now you must remember we have been friends for many many years, Tone would never speak with a client the way he does with me. We do not mince words with each other. This is the email I sent Madame X in reply. Sorry if you find the language R rated, it was just too funny not send exactly as he directed.
Subject: Measurement instructions according to Antony Price, verbatim

Wearing bra and knickers only –

1). Hip : Measure around the largest part of the bum, tape should be level, and the fattest part should be directly across from your punanny.

2). Waist: Do not suck it in! Just measure around your waist with your tummy relaxed, and tape sitting snug to the skin without pulling in tight.

3).Bust: Around the tits – under the arms, over the nipples and down into the valley. Be sure the tape is not sagging in the back or the measurement will be off.

4). Body length: Back of neck to waist. The top of tape measure should be at that bone at the bottom of your neck where it meets the spine, then making sure the tape is snug against the curvature of the back, measure from neck to waist.

5). Dress Length: You will need to measure waist to knee, or waist to floor depending on if it is to be a cocktail frock or long gown. Be sure you’re wearing heels if it is floor length – the ones you intend to wear with the dress.

Call me if you have any questions. Hugs, Jewels xo

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