Hard to believe I once lived where I had to teach my neighbors how to celebrate Halloween. Here there are ghosts, headless men, witches, bats, skeletons and various body parts everywhere you look!

How about a pumpkin patch of scarecrows for this year’s scariest night? These feel a bit Chucky-ish to me.

Graveyards appear to be all the rage as well. They are popping up everywhere in my neighborhood much to my dog, Daisy’s, bemusement since they infringe on her prime pooping real estate .

Some are cordoned off with barbed wire, while others are with police tape. It’s all very amusing, but I’m sure I would be terrified by it if I were a small child. I saw the 1931 Count Dracula film, the one with Bela Legosi,

when I was six – a babysitter’s fault. I had nightmares for weeks, and insisted on tying a long stuffed toy snake round my neck at night to protect myself from vampires before I dared close my eyes. Funny, considering it is

now snakes that give me the creeps! Not crazy about huge spiders crawling up my walls either. My, Jack-o-lantern how you have grown with your demonic smile and jagged teeth threatening to devour small children.

Careful where you walk – you never know who or what may be lurklng. Beware of enormous bats flying….

… overhead, and jack-o-lantern ghosts of years past springing up from the dead!

This house decided to kill two holidays with one BOO dragon. I do believe we are coming up on the year of the

dragon coming this Chinese New Year. Well, BOO and happy new year  to you too! I guess they’re not so keen on Thanksgiving and Christmas in between.

I’ll leave you to get your creep on. Who will you be on Halloween, and who or what will be watching you?

PS. I’ll be back!


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