I confess! I spoil my dog, because she spoils me with her unconditional love, highly amusing antics, and class A1 snuggles. When I shared a photo I found of cupcakes that look just like Daisy on Facebook, I couldn’t believe the response it got from amazingly talented cake makers around the globe offering to make her pupcakes (dog friendly ingredients only) version for her 5th birthday. Alas, I feared they wouldn’t travel well,

Always a dog lover, me with my sister Patty, friend Shari, my then dog Mickey and her puppies

and all but gave up on the idea. Then Cyn de Harven (one of my Facebook page followers who lives locally) generously offered up the services of her roommate, Molly Jamison, and a pup party was born!

Daisy pupcakes thanks to Cyn and Molly

Now call me old skool, but I believe in dressing up for a party. Daisy had outgrown her party dress, and wasn’t too sure about the “party animal t-shirt.” Notice the sad pleading puppy eyes bottom left corner below, so she

Paw-leez can I go topless?

decided to go topless. That was until my friend Lori’s dog Madison showed up decked out to the nines. Daisy decided she wanted to get with the program, and she quite happily let me put her t-shirt back on.

It's a girls' prerogative to change her mind!

I’m proud to announce Daisy was on her best manners, and quite happily shared her toys with her guest while I contemplated the choices to whet the girl’s barks.

Assorted dog beverages to whet their bark

Champagne Dog Perignonn anyone? How about a Barkardi or Arfsolute Vodka? They settled for a nice big bowl full of water.

Is it right to eat something that looks exactly like me?

Then got down to everyone’s favorite part of any party – the pupcakes of course! At first Dasiy didn’t seem too sure if something that so closely resembled her should be eaten, but when her two favorite aromas, peanut

Double fisted eaters

butter and carrot hit her nostrils she was hooked. In fact they both were. Hey, slow down girls, and please try not to take a finger when you bite!

Alexander Muttqueen and Christian Loubarkin

Next was gift opening time, and what bitch doesn’t need a pair of Alexander Muttqueen or Christian Loubarkin heels? Although I think she preferred the new blue toy with the squeaky device she could spend hours

Madison and Daisy

annoying me (funny how she always chooses that toy when I’m on the phone) with until she finally destroys it. Trust me, that toy’s days are numbered. Daisy the destructor is determined. No toy exists intact for long.

The happy birthday girl with her toys

Looking quite pleased with herself, I think she did enjoy her day of surprises as she made sure she had all of her toys safely back. Daisy and I both want to thank Molly and all of the creative cakesters out there for offering to make her birthday special. Think a pup party is too OTT (over the top), or would you delight your furry babies with a party too?

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