Shock horror! Yes, I am starting the new year off with a slightly less than healthy eating example since my poor deprived daughter never had a S’more experience growing up. There was a bonfire on the beach almost

Tatjana never had a S’more as a child

every night while we were there, so we planned a New Years Eve treat. Well – I did say the new year was for trying new experiences and things! In my realm that should include culinary ones, too.

Marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate for classic S’mores

Unfortunately my nephew came down with pneumonia (he is okay now, but it would have been so much more fun with the twins), and the fog rolled in that evening, so our plans were postponed until New Year’s Day.

Get your ingredients skewered and ready

And the gas stove played understudy to the campfire, but the results were fun and delicious none the less. In case any one else out there has missed out on S’more bliss – here is how you do it (wherever fire is available).

Add heat…

Prepare your graham crackers and piece of chocolate, so you can squish it all together quickly once the marshmallow is hot and gooey to help melt the chocolate a little. Place a marshmallow on a skewer and

Control the burn

hold over the fire, turning occasionally to achieve an all round golden exterior. Don’t worry if it catches fire, just blow it out. A little bit of singed marshmallow adds flavor and texture.

Golden, slightly burned and ready

Once you have the desired color on the outside, quickly place over the prepared graham cracker with

Place on chocolate prepared graham crackers while still hot to melt chocolate

chocolate, and use the top graham cracker to help pull the ooey gooey marshmallow off the skewer.

Get ready to smoosh

Press down lightly to make the S’more sandwich with the hot marshmallow oozing over the melting chocolate.

Ooey goodness with the right amount of smokey singe and crunchy cracker

Eat by hand, and whatever you do – refuse to share this luscious treat with anyone, no matter how hard they

Tatjana Rhodes with her first ever S'more
Tatjana Rhodes with her first bite of S’more, ever!

beg, especially the dog (chocolate is poison for them, you know – I found that out the hard way once).

Tatjana Rhodes and Daisy
In fact, she liked it so much she refused to share

Now that you’ve shared a treat with us, let’s get back on track. Make your resolution in 2012 the Personal Chef Approach™. Eat more efficiently, save time and money, and finally succeed at eating healthy all year round. Join now and enjoy a 5% savings through January 31st.

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