Julie Anne Rhodes doing her best Oscar impression

Uber hip fashion designer Julia Clancey sent me a text this week… “frocks and cocktails in my Oscar suite?” She was very generously offering to dress me for the parties again this year. Alas, even though I feel much better… my stamina has not quite caught up with my zeal for partying yet. However, with so many friends visiting from London for the festivities, I’ve been indulging in lots of sentimental frivolity this week. Julia is not the first dress designer to bail me out of the “nothing to wear blues” with the loan of a frock.

Jerry Hall and Julie Anne Rhodes

I met Jerry Hall for the first time in the Michael Todd room at Palladium in New York. She was about to give birth to her second child, James. I unkindly giggled behind her back that she looked like she was having twin whales. Karma caught up with me… less than two years later I looked as though I was about to drop triplet elephants! Jerry’s figure always bounced right back, but I was doomed to the gym forever more.

Anyway, it was Jerry’s 30th birthday, and Mick threw her a huge black tie affair at their house in London. Since Jerry had generously thrown me a fabulous baby shower only weeks before… I felt obliged to be there even though I had “nothing to wear to the ball”. NOTHING fit.

My baby shower …
Julie Anne Rhodes, Amanda Kyme, Giovanna Taylor, and Yasmin Le Bon

Marlene Stewart, Angie Best, Jerry Hall, Koo Stark, Stacey Young, and Tracey Bell

I called my fairy god-designer, Antony Price (master molder of the hourglass shape) in the hopes he could make my pregnant stomach disappear until the stroke of midnight. It was impossible, there was no way to hide my massive belly, so he made me a brown lace maternity frock, stuck a huge satin bow atop the bump, and proclaimed it the “chocolate box dress”. His rationale being “if you can’t hide it you might as well put a bow on it”. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that dress, but it will live vividly in my memory for eternity!

“Chivalry is not dead.” Kevin Josephson working his magic

This year I will be quite happily watching all of the Oscar hullabaloo from the comfort of my own bed whilst nibbling from a box of chocolates instead of wearing it. Luckily my hairdresser, Kevin Josephson, offered to come over and do something fabulous with my unruly mop, so at least I feel glamorous again! Thank you for thinking of me Julia, and to Kevin for coming to my rescue during Hollywood’s busiest week!

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