I used to be married to someone famous for his frequent hair color changes, so it barely registered on the richter scale of surprise when my then seven year old daughter phoned me excitedly one day to say “Mummy you’ll never guess what color hair Daddy has – it’s PURPLE!” That remark was shortly followed by Nick’s slightly bemused voice in the background correcting her – “it’s lilac Tatjana, lilac.”

Tatjana, Nick, and Julie Anne Rhodes on the cover of Hello Magazine

Tatjana, Nick, and Julie Anne Rhodes on the cover of Hello Magazine

It wasn’t long before Tatjana followed in her father’s tradition, but I’ve always been the boring one in the family staunchly clinging to my own natural color (well, minus a few grays lately)… until yesterday. Excuse the pun, but I had a wild hair urge to do something radically (okay, radical for me) different.


Julie Anne Rhodes photographed by Glenn Luchford for The Face

In fact, longtime friend and hairdresser Kevin Josephson was so excited by the thought of my finally considering something new – he booked himself out, so we would have the entire giggle filled afternoon to ourselves for the transformation.

Deep breath, and Kevin Josephson began his magical color transformation

Deep breath, and Kevin Josephson began his magical color transformation

The reason I’m such a loyal customer of Kevin’s is he understands me. I don’t have the time or the patience for a lot of time in the salon. He is such a genius with the sheers – sculpting enough shape into my locks (with cuts that last a good 2-3 months), all I have to do is wash and run – no primping necessary.

Highlight time...

Highlights time…

He knew highlights wouldn’t be a viable option, but ombre would be a great low-mainainence alternative for me. Ombre literally means shades or shading, and in the case of hair usually begins with a darker color on top, then about halfway down begins getting lighter, although I have seen the colors in reverse too.

Lift-off! The lift and tone side of ombre

The five hour process began with the root color, then a wash and dry, before getting onto the next stage of lifting the color with some strategically placed bleach in thin wispy layers near the ends. Once that round was completed with a second wash and dry,  Kevin used a toner to get the rich caramel tones on my lightened ends.

Finished ombre smile

Finished ombre smile

The result? Sexy summer hair that catches the light, a lot of attention, and gave me a new bounce in my step. I love it – what do you think? Would you try ombre?

Just in case you’re feeling more hambre, than ombre – here’s my salty caramel ice cream recipe for a color coordinated yummilicious treat. To learn how to make the chocolate waffles to go with the ice cream, please join here.

Salty Caramel Ice Cream on Chocolate Waffles

Salty Caramel Ice Cream over Chocolate Waffleswith Chocolate Fudge Sauce

It may sound weird, but the salt really accentuates the sweetness of the caramel in this deliciously sophisticated ice cream. Trust me, it is silky-smooth pure decadence on a spoon!

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