One day I woke up and realized that I was living someone else’s dream. My ex was so excited when I was cast in my first role, that I got caught up in his excitement, mistaking it for my own. I wasn’t looking for work as an actor, it just fell in my lap. I was a fashion model who happened to be in the right place at the right time when they needed one for a scene in a film called Une Femme Au Deux. My very first scene ever was to be opposite Frances’s greatest actor of the day. Thankfully, Gerard was chivalrous beyond belief and very patient with this fledgling.

Gerard Depardieu and Julie Anne Rhodes curtosy of Steve Landis and Paris Match Magazine

Gerard Depardieu and Julie Anne Rhodes courtesy of Steve Landis and Paris Match Magazine

Please don’t get me wrong, I am a die-hard film fanatic, and I have immense respect and admiration for masters of the craft, many of whom are friends and clients today, but I myself was never cut out to be an actor. So much of it is more about waiting, than it was about action.

Waiting for my manager, agent, or a casting director to call me in for an audition, waiting on pins and needles through call backs before finally being cast in a role. Then once you get the role,  you end up spending much more time sitting in trailers, hair and make-up, wardrobe, and craft service than you do with the cameras rolling. Okay, so the majority of the work is in preparing for the role, but once you are prepared, you still find yourself waiting, and I admit that patience is not one of my stronger virtues.

Acting is often more waiting around, than action

Acting is often more waiting around, than action

I’m more of a take charge and do kind of a gal. So, when I saw an ad for personal chefs at the back of Cooking Light Magazine (while waiting for an audition) I went from VIP entrances in Versace to service entrances in my apron without ever looking back. In food I found a creative outlet that would also let me take charge of my own destiny – I was finally my own boss (and an excellent business woman much to my own surprise). An  A-list actor booked me before I had even formally opened the doors to The Roving Stove, and the rest is history. After 12 award-winning years The Roving Stove is still thriving. I realized that apart from great food, the secret to my success was in providing the one commodity most of us lack, TIME!

Julie Anne Rhodes is a guest judge on MasterChef

From VIP entrances in Versace to service entrances in my apron… then guest judge on MasterChef

I started developing and perfecting the Personal Chef Approach so I could make that same convenient and healthy lifestyle my celebrity clients enjoy – available to everyone at a much more affordable price. What an exciting  ride it has been – the complete antithesis of my idle acting days. At breakneck speed, this old dog has learned more new tricks playing Wizard of Oz! From how to maneuver the backend of a website, to writing, to recipe development, to social media, to food photography, to marketing, and now venturing into a much larger arena with all that entails. I LOVE knowing my only limitations these days are dictated soley by the perimeters of my own imagination. I’ve never felt happier or more alive.

As this journey unfolds, I’m more aware of how history has a funny way of repeating itself, and how every experience along our path helps prepare us for the next bend in the road.  My marriage gave me an opportunity to watch and learn how great careers are built, and if I hadn’t tried acting, I would never have been prepared for the television opportunities that come my way today. I also realize how damn lucky I am to have the found the talented team of people who believe in the PCA and work diligently (for much less than their real worth), to help me bring this vision to fruition – thank you SO much Aja, Dave, Randy, Sasha, Chris, Jess, and Liz! Plus, the amazing advisors and investors who have mentored me, and all my friends who’ve put up with my one-track mind for the last three years, and still love me anyhow.

With your support, I can testify that the American dream is still alive and well! I hope you will join us and experience the many benefits the Personal Chef Approach holds for you too – all you have to do is “cook once, to enjoy home-made meals in minutes all week long!” The PCA makes it possible to eat healthier, save time and money, and enjoy dinner together again. Please try this award-winning turkey burger to whet your appetite!

Jewels Turkey-Jasmine Burger

Jewels Turkey-Jasmine Burger

This is one of the first recipes I ever wrote, and it won “best poultry burger in America” on Food Network’s Ultimate Recipe Showdown! Since it is a little labor intensive, I would recommend doing double portions of at least the turkey burgers to freeze for a later date – why make a mess twice when you can do it all at once? After all it is about affording YOU the luxury of time!


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