I’ve done a couple heavy posts lately, so I thought I’d lighten the blog up a bit this weekend with a make-up tips I learned as a model post. A nice idea since I will be drawing the winner of the Joy the Baker cookbook giveaway, and Joy mentions in her blog bio that “I really suck at wearing lipstick.” So, here are my “make your lipstick stick tricks” Joy (and anyone else interested that might be reading this blog post).

Lipstick tips

Jewels lipstick tips

Doing make-up that looks great really isn’t that different to baking something that tastes great. You start out

sharpener, lipstick, brush and pencil

The tools - sharpener, lipstick, brush, pencil

with your ingredients (in this instance a good pencil sharpener, lipstick), mix in a few flavors, apply a modicum of technique, and follow the directions.

Tatjana and I putting on lipstick

Teaching Tatjana to line the lips for shape

1). Start by outlining the outer curves of you lips with a sharpened lip liner the same color, or one shade darker than your lipstick (the darker shade can give your lips the illusion of being fuller once it is all blended together properly, but you don’t want one too dark or the line will be obvious). Lining the lips gives them shape, but in a slightly more solid medium than the lipstick itself – which helps cut back on the color smudging or bleeding.

Filling in between the lines

Filling in between the lines

2). Use a lip brush. Yes, you can apply by using the lipstick directly on the lips, but a lip brush helps you fill in between those lines so much more accurately, and it will help you blend at the same time without making it look like a toddler did your make-up with finger paints.

Blotting lipstick helps keep the color from bleeding
Blotting lipstick helps keep the color from bleeding

3). Be sure to blot off any excess. This will also prevent smudges and bleeding.

Set the undercoat with powder

Powder to set the color

4). Lightly pat with powder. This sets the color so that it lasts much longer. Don’t worry about your lips looking dull, because….

Final coat of lipstick

Touch up the color

5). You wil be lightly touching up the lipstick after powdering using your lip brush yet again. Then comes my favorite trick (sorry, I was unsuccessful photographing it, so I’ll have to describe instead).

Lipstick ready

Lipstick ready for the evening

6). Remember Aunt Agnes who looked as though she had been eating her lipstick with stains all over her teeth? Place one of your index fingers in the middle of your mouth, pucker and bare down on the finger with your newly painted liips, and slowly pull the finger out. Now smile worry (and stain) free! What make-up tricks do you have up your sleeve? Come on, share in the comments section below!

PS. The winner of the Joy the Baker Cookbook give-away will be announced on my Facebook page on Monday! Good luck everyone, and please be sure to “like” me while you’re there.

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