I probably should not be fessing up to such a decadent meal – I am doing A Course in Weight Loss, so it is hardly a shining example of my new found enlightenment. However, honesty is my policy, and luckily birthdays only come around once a year.

A birthday gift from Marzia Medazzaland,
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I indulged, and I enjoyed every last morsel of my birthday lunch at The Tavern. The progress is that I slowed down enough to savor each mouth full, did not feel compelled to clean every plate, and felt zero guilt afterwards, because I knew I’d get right back on track.

Cynthia Occelli spoiling me rotten for my birthday

Now my friend Cynthia is normally one of the best influences on me – her wisdom about LIFE is boundless. She’s the one that talked me into the cleanse that finally made me get real about what I put into my body, the harm it causes, and how powerful a role food can play in healing. I am a firm believer in eating consciously, but dining out together does sometimes swing the pendulum the opposite direction since we’re both adventurous people.

We started out with good intentions:

Chickpea purée with feta, black olives and grilled toast

Potato & Leek Soup with Garlic Puree

Decided we’d be very European in making lunch our main meal of the day:

Steak frite (steak and French fries)

The first few fries tasted great, but then not so much after that, so l left the rest, moderation.

With arugula salad and sauce béarnaise on the side

Then they brought us the dessert menu, and we both caved completely:

It was a really good wish, but you know I can’t tell you!

“Snickers” Bar salted peanut caramel and vanilla ice cream

Churros with Marzipan & Caramel Cream

Now here is the really naughty part – on the way back to the car we took a detour to Susie Cakes for later…

Now that is a LOT of red velvet cake – my idea of heaven

… because a birthday just isn’t a birthday without red velvet cake!

Red Velvet Cupcakes to go

Thank you so much for such a special birthday celebration Cynthia! Daisy is happy too – she’s getting extra long walks every day now.


That wasn’t all Cynthia treated me to on my birthday – she even helped me update my facebook page, so if you “like” me and join my email list – you will get a gift too!
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