Just breathe? During childbirth they tell you to breathe through the pain, lifestyle gurus tell you to breathe deeply to banish stress, and my trainer is constantly reminding me to breathe (which usually provokes giggles, rather than the desired response). It’s even a Pearl Jam song for crying out loud! Okay, I know that consciousness of breath is integral to meditation and yoga, but why do we need to be reminded to breathe? Isn’t that something we should do naturally? Surely, if we are still here, we are!

Julie Anne Rhodes: just trying to breathe (and sleep)

Evidently not. You see, I was recently tested after years of complaining of chronic fatigue, and it appears I stop breathing up to forty times per hour, cutting off my oxygen supply, when I sleep, (trying to sleep might be a more accurate description). It’s called sleep apnea, and millions of people suffer from it. Many are completely unaware that is why they wake still as exhausted as they were when they went to bed.

Desperately seeking rest in Bali earlier this year

Sounds like no big deal, right? Well, tired is a big deal. Apart from feeling grouchy, it can cause a myriad of serious health problems such as heart failure, stroke, diabetes, and depression amongst them. I suffered atypical migraines with temporary bouts of blindness as a result. It can also screw up your metabolism – evidently, any less than six hours a night sleep slows the metabolism significantly. An important tidbit of information for all of us constantly trying in vain to drop a few pounds, or wondering why we are gaining weight when our consumption and exercise habits haven’t changed. It also means your ability to concentrate is severely impaired. Did you know a sleep deprived person is as dangerous behind the wheel as a drunk driver?

What? You think I'd be caught dead in public wearing the mask? Keep dreaming!

Oh joy! Correcting the problem means I’m doomed to a fate even less sexy than granny gowns – a mask that blows air into my nostrils to keep my airway open when my muscles relax during sleep, and NO, I am not modeling it for you. However, if any of you have connections, I’d be THRILLED to take Jukusui-Kun for a test run instead! I’ve always adored polar bears. In fact, visiting them in their natural habitat is on my bucket list. Too bad this one isn’t ready for the mass market yet – it looks considerably more cuddly than a c-pap machine.

Trust me, two to four hours of interrupted sleep a night is not exactly beauty rest. As exhausted as I am? I’m more than willing to look rediculous, but unfortunately my deviated septum needs repairing first. So this is really just a very long winded way of saying I may skip a couple blog posts while I have the surgery and recover. Just breathe (I’m trying), and I will be back shortly. Some of my more seasoned premium members will be checking into the forum regularly to make sure members have all the PCA™ support you need as well.

Make-ahead meals with the PCA™ cooled properly

I’ll also be using the Personal Chef Approach™ for myself before the surgery, so I can just “heat to eat” when I need it, and be much less reliant on others. If you know someone recouperating from surgery or illness, it is the perfect gift (much more handy than flowers, candy, toys or trinkets), and not really any more effort than cooking your own food for the week, anyhow. Join now so you can!

I think this situation calls for my favorite healthy comfort soup. It’s my top secret weight loss weapon – the chicken vegetable soup I lived on for years as a model. It’s low fat, chocked full of yummy vegetables and chicken, and certainly satiating. My own private diet rescue remedy (plus some of that beauty rest I’m after).

My Top secret weight-loss weapon chicken & veg soup

If you would like to sample a free recipe of mine, please click here for my recipe of the week, if you would like to view this recipe, please upgrade to the premium membership. The Personal Chef Approach™ helps you eat more efficiently, save time and money, and finally succeed at eating healthy all year round. Join now and SAVE through January 31st.

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