What a way to start 2011! Cupcake from Fashion Tarts nominated “Jewels” from The Roving Stove for the Stylish Blogger Award, so I’m tooting my own horn shamelessly again.

There is a catch (sly Cupcake that she is), I have to reveal seven things about myself you don’t already know. Since my blog is already an open book – that is a tricky one, but here goes:
1). I haven’t had a cigarette this century.
Not so pretty in pink with the cigarette
2). Sticky Fingers (Rolling Stone Bill Wyman’s restaurant in London), once named a drink after me on their menu called the Julie Anne Rhodes Pink Passion Fizz.
3). I’m enthralled with the divine order of life – how our paths cross, and even the briefest encounter can drastically change the trajectory of our journey.
Simon LeBon – a master multi-tasker
4). It was lovely to get a Happy New Year Tweet from Simon LeBon yesterday.
5). When I get homesick for London I watch Eastenders (blush, my English friends will goad me for ages over that one).
6). I dream of traveling to the arctic to see the polar bears.
7). I’d rather be known for feeding the homeless than feeding celebrities.
Thank you so much Cupcake you yummy Fashion Tart(s)! Now I get to pass this honor on by nominating seven of my favorite Stylish Bloggers:
In New York Paris Tomorrow because she’s been my fashion guru for decades.
Wendy Brandes because Jewels loves her jewels.
Design Mom because she must be superwoman in disguise (raising six kids and still stylish)!
Joy The Baker because she makes baked goods look so beautiful and effortless.
Habitually Chic because she’s the definition of style.
A Cup of Jo because I dig her style and open book scribbles on life
Focus on Style because Sharon and Brad’s “impromptu madness” webisodes are so amusing.
PS. Please don’t forget to vote in the poll at the top right of the blog for your favorite hors d’oeuvres. The top five will win Gardein gift certificates to start their 2011 Meatless Monday’s off on the right foot! Winners will be announced January 14th.
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