My cousin sent me the email below a few days ago. It struck me how much things have changed since Tatjana was a baby, and what a clever and innovative way he used to harness free internet tools to introduce friends and family to his new little tyke – especially for those of us too far away to visit often.

Old skool birth announcement

Old skool birth announcement

The names have been changed and links broken to protect the innocent, but I just had to share with you!

Nick with a newborn Tatjana

Nick with newborn Tatjana

…about baby Boy –

Ann and I don’t want to blast everyone with constant updates via email or social media. But we know that some of you just can’t get enough.
Grandpa play time

Grandpa play time

Baby Boy has a blog So we created this clean Tumblr blog, Baby Boy on the Internet. You’ll be able to subscribe or casually check in to see updated photo sets round the clock — since we’re not sleeping anyway.
Say hello!

Say hello! 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!
You may also notice a widget at the bottom right, “Baby time with Boy.” We know that many of you are eager to visit the little man and we want to make it as easy as possible. Just click that widget, follow the instructions and send us at least three times that would work for you. Ann and I will put your visiting time into Boy’s new Google Calendar. 
Appointment page to meet Baby Boy

Appointment page to meet Baby Boy

You can also schedule time using this link: Please note: until after his vaccinations take hold in mid July, the calendar will show no availability.
I’ve gotta go change a diaper–
Brad, Ann and Boy
Tatjana with Simon and Yasmin LeBon

Why shake hands when you can nibble on them instead? Tatjana with Simon and Yasmin LeBon

Let’s face it, our children are our proudest productions and I know I never grow tired of sharing photos, but not everyone wants them shoved in their faces. This way those that want to see them (they’re password protected so only those invited can see them) can, and you can easily manage when people visit.
Lemon Lavender Cupcakes
Here’s my Lemon Lavender Angel Food Cupcake recipe, because it never hurts to have a few munchies on hand when people do come calling. Join here for more great make-ahead recipes, menu plans, and more!
PS. Congratulations again “Brad” – I hope Baby Boy brings you all the happiness and joy Tatjana has brought into my life. Luckily, our family are all gathering in a few weeks, so I will get to meet him then. Can’t wait!
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