The Wizard of Schnoz  (I had a deviated septum corrected) fibbed and said I would feel better by now. Then someone missed the memo, and invited the Santa Ana’s to the party. Ha ha HA CHOOH! So, when my favorite dining partner on the planet,  Joe DiMaggio Jr., hit town I regretfully had to decline his dinner invitation last night. Instead, I took another click down memory lane (click on the photo or the link below to go through to the rerun post), and went Historical Over Food to soften the blow.

Jewels getting Historical over Food in Elizabeth Emanuel costumes

You see, I live in a town where most my girlfriends push a couple green beans around a plate for twenty minutes, and call that dinner. When Joe comes – he orders everything on the menu, and true to his Italian heritage, the meal is an event to be savored. The fact that he and co host/producer Marc Gomes make me laugh endlessly ensures these evenings are always spectacular. This interview is classic Joe repartee.

Another taste of the town evening

Joe claims he knew his calling as early as age 15 when he saw a Chef Piero Carbonetti get into a Ferrari outside his family’s hotel in Bologna. He didn’t mess around either – the boy from Manhattan started his training with superstar Chef Jaques Maximin at the Hotel Negresco in Nice, then went on to work with Wolfgang Puck at Ma Maison in Los Angeles before opening many restaurants of his own.

Cooking with Marc and Joe

Trust me, the man knows food, and not just about preparation, he knows it’s origins and evolution, so this former history major turned foodie jumped at the opportunity to cook with him. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and check out a restaurant review of SaZa I sent one of my spies to do, too!

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