I’ll preface this with a very grateful “she is okay,” but my daughter was hit by a mini-cab in London earlier today. She was crossing (in the crosswalk) when the car came barrelling round the corner, running a red light in the process.

Lioness with cub: Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes

Accidents do happen, and thank God she is only bruised and shaken up by the incident, but mommy lion here can’t stop pacing (five thousand miles away I might add). Once I get past the realization of how easily I could have lost the one person I love most in the world through this man’s negligence, the adrenalin will not stop pumping over what happened next.
Tatjana Rhodes
He stopped just long enough to shout obscenities at her for getting in his way, then sped off. What happened to “I’m terribly sorry, are you all right, do you need assistance?” What happened to all the bystanders who didn’t lift a finger to help her, or call for help? What has happened to our humanity people?

I know I shouldn’t blog and post in this condition, but I really need to vent. Please excuse the indiscretion this once.
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