Whoa, I can’t believe so many years have flown by so quickly, but I am wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and your best year yet, Tatjana. One full of love, happiness, great health, and tons of success!

Tatjana's 25th birthday in Bali

I love you so much, and I am so proud of the wonderful woman you have become. I thought you might enjoy a look back at birthdays past…

I miss spending your birthdays with you (and I hope Bali was not our last), but I’m so happy you have Aaron to share them with now.

Jewels, Tatjana, and Aaron

Jewels, Tatjana, and Aaron

BTW, a belated happy birthday on Wednesday to you too Aaron! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner. Well Tatjana, at least we did get to “have our cake and eat it too” while I was there in June. More on the “delicacies” my grown up rascal tried to get me to eat coming soon.

High tea (and cake) at Fortnum & Masons

High tea (and cake) at Fortnum & Masons

In the meantime, I guess the blue cake baking baton gets passed onto you Aaron – Nick used to make it for me too. Please find the recipe below, but first, I want to remind everyone that I’m giving away the Weekly Menu Plan daily, and a Grand Prize – a full year membership to the Personal Chef Approach!

Personal Chef Approach Conetst

Personal Chef Approach Contest

Click here to enter, write a humorous caption for the photo followed by #PCACaptionThis, submit plus “SHARE” and Tweet your entry with friends to vote (captions with the most votes daily win). Existing members are eligible too. Good luck!

Waldorf Red Cake Recipe

Tatjana's Blue Cake

I’ve had this cake every year for my birthday since I was 8 years old, so it has become an unspoken family tradition. My daughter, Tatjana’s favorite color is blue. When she was 7 I sent her to school with a blue cake to celebrate her birthday (which falls over the summer) with her classmates. When they ooh’ed and awed over the bright blue color, Tatjana promptly told them “yeah and you poo blue too!”


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