One year ago today I published my first blog. A couple weeks ago I asked you which blogs were your favorites? Here is a look back at the ones you chose.

My Upstairs, Downstairslife has taught me so much about respecting others, setting boundaries and carrying myself in a dignified manner.
Upstairs, Downstairs

Julie Anne Rhodes and Princess Diana at Apollo 13 film premier

When My World Turns Upside Down about my parent’s lake house gives the reader a glimpse into my roots. Who I really am down deep inside, rather than how I am often perceived. I poured my heart and soul into this piece, so I’m particularly pleased you chose this as one of your favorites.

When My World Turns Upside Down
I wanted to be a mother ever since I can remember, so writing Happy Birthday Tatjana about my daughter and her birthdays was naturally gratifying for me. I’m so happy it strikes a chord with you too. Come to think of it, that is probably why my personal chef services have always been so in demand on the “new mommy circuit”… I’m such a sucker for little kiddles.

Happy Birthday Tatjana!

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes
I have a childlike curiosity about the world, and a gigantic lust for adventure. The Out of Africa series was the trip of a lifetime. I’d do it again in a heartbeat given half the opportunity… even with the danger. So glad you enjoyed our exploits too.

Out of Africa

Julie Anne Rhodes by Peter Beard
Out of Africa II

Out of Africa III

Out of Africa IV

As a foodie who is continually broadening her horizons, I am proud of Are You a Food Bigot?. I hope it opens up a world of culinary adventure for all who read it. The Brussels sprouts recipe also happens to be one of my personal favorites.

Are You a Food Bigot?

I love being a mother, but pregnancy was not a walk in the park for me. Pregnancy, Waterworks, and Madonna pretty well sums up the entire 9 months. Thankfully, I can find the humor in it (as you overwhelmingly said you did as well) today. It is funny thinking back over all the odd things that happen to you during pregnancy that no one warns you about beforehand… like your center of gravity being off, and the hormones turning you into the nasty devil-possessed girl in the exorcist one minute, then a weeping mess the next.

Pregnancy, Waterworks, and Madonna

Nick and Julie Anne Rhodes
I chose this one since I was particularly happy to be celebrating my birthday this year. I am a total sentimental fool, and birthdays always provoke fond memories for me.

Birthday Wishes and Cake Come True

I’ve really enjoyed sharing bits of my life and recipes over the past year. I never know what I will write next, so I’m looking forward to the journey again this year and hope you will continue to join me on it. THANK YOU so much for all the support and encouragement!
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