I was going to write a Friday Food Tip for you today, but woke thinking about friendship – just how important my friends are to me, and how I have been so immersed in my businesses the past couple years that I’m guilty of neglecting them. Having said that, I know they’re happy for me that I have found my passion, even if they don’t always understand what it is exactly that I do? I wear so many different hats (entrepreneur, chef, businesswoman, cookbook writer, blogger, recipe developer, photographer, social media maven, webmaster, membership guru, etc.) its hard for them to keep up with my latest endeavors, and I suspect a tad boring, so let this be an open apology to all of you, you know who you are!

ascot and Marie_0014

I’ve lost enough friends over the years to realize how tenuous life can be, and learned I should MAKE time for the people that matter. So, I’m having a girlie afternoon of lunch and mani/pedi’s with artist Millie Brown today, and attending a fashion/art/concert for Brit Week party at the home of Amanda Eliasch tomorrow. My mission? Leave my work behind, and go live life (and enjoy the food) instead of just writing about it.

"Gluttony" Neon byAmanda Eliasch

“Gluttony” Neon byAmanda Eliasch

That, my dears, was a longwinded way of saying this will be brief (if that makes any sense). I’ll leave you with this food for thought – TOMORROW IS NEVER TODAY, and some for your tummy below. Be sure to click “comments” and let me know what will you do today, that you’ve been putting off until tomorrow?

Chicken Tortilla Soup

New recipes are added frequently

This super satisfying soup looks festive enough to serve to company (as in lunch today), and can easily be customized by everyone in your household when ready to serve. Just offer an array of yummy toppings for them to choose from!



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  • April 26, 2013
    1:11 pm

    Well I just talked to a job coach today and tonight I am going to see the musical Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Oh and I have an interview for a short film job. So cross the fingers and send positive vibes!

  • April 26, 2013
    2:14 pm

    Me, I’m finally getting my groove back so to speak. I’ve been feeling trashy for so long and I wondered where I was going to end up. So, I decided to take matters in hand and pushed myself to getting a few prioritized items done. I didn’t overload my list with too many things, just really important items that I hoped would lessen my stress levels. Now, my will is done, power of attorney paperwork taken care of and a few other legal matters resolved. Whew! What a load off of my mind all that was. Then I started getting groceries delivered and that helped so much. Now, after a solid month of eating copious quantities of fruit, veg and other healthy foods, I’m starting to see more of the old me. The newly revised old me is heading into the studio and making plans. I’m reading books again and listening to music. Sounds all nice and rosy, right? Well, truthfully, not in all aspects. I’ve thought about, reflected upon and now realize that I need a little self respect. If I don’t respect myself, then I can’t say much when I freely let others walk all over me. So, I’m working on this aspect of my nature. Major work over taking place and although the end result may not be readily visible, inside me will be a calm oasis to retreat to when I need the comfort from everyday stresses.

  • April 27, 2013
    5:05 am

    I think for moms, putting off usually means something for yourself. Something totally for yourself that isn’t for the house, kids or your partner. For me, putting myself first is a scary choice. Someone usually needs something: shoes, a book, something for school, something needs fixing. What I will try and do is something pretty simple… a friend of mine owns a spa so it will be pedicure time soon. OK… sooner than later… this week.

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