I hear people complain that organic produce is just too expensive for their budgets. Are poor health and massive doctor bills better for it?  And, I’m not just talking about conventionally grown versus organic any longer – genetically modified seed, anti-biotic and hormone use in our livestock as well as cloned meats are even scarier if you ask me. It’s time to stop spending our dollars ignorantly and wise up people!

Tatjana with lambs

What we can’t afford is to continue hiding behind comments like this while burying our heads in the sand as our food supply is bastardized beyond recognition; any more than we can afford to continue making poor nutritional choices for the sake of convenience. How we spend our dollars counts! If we boycott these dangerous crop and livestock practices, as well as all the processed, chemically laden crap on grocery store shelves – the food industry and government are much more likely to make healthier adjustments.

Making healthier choices

Likewise, if we take responsibility for our own health before it becomes a problem, we can avoid so many life-threatening diseases (diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, as well painful digestive diseases that have become rampantly common in recent years such as IBS, Celiac disease, diverticulitis). As a personal chef I come across so many people suffering in silence every month. As someone who spent  four years doubled over in agony with Crohn’s disease – I can tell you, you do not want to go there.

Organic beets

I get it – your busy, you don’t think you have time to think about it, or feel like the issue is so large “what can one person do?” It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Lean into changing your eating habits by educating yourself about the consequences of your choices, read the labels, and make your dollars count. Start eliminating some of the processed food in your diets for whole (preferably chemical, anti-biotic and hormone free) foods. Lasting change happens gradually.

We’re all time-starved these days. Trust me, I am far from perfect. If I don’t do the Personal Chef Approach™ for myself at least a couple times a month – my food choices suffer too, but as I become more aware of what is in our food, I am less likely to indulge in the wrong things. You will just start making healthier choices naturally. The PCA™ helps you find and manage the time to cook more consciously while budgeting more efficiently.

The Personal Chef Approach to saving time, money, and eating healthy

Finding a few hours on the weekend to cook with your children can be such a gratifyingly experience. Not only are you getting your food for the week made in advance while teaching them a life skill that will serve them well into the future, you are putting their math and science lessons from school to practical use while creating fond memories that will last them a lifetime.

I happen to find cooking relaxing. So if you’re single like me, concentrate on just that, blocking out all the other stressors in your world – it’s almost a form of meditation. Cooking can also be incredibly sensual. Instead of viewing it as a chore, make it a fun form of foreplay you look forward to with your mate. There are all sorts of way to make cooking fun – find yours, and your cook dates will fly by.

Or maybe gardening is more your thing? Why not grow your own organic produce in your free time? Instead of complaining how helpless you are over the situation, spend that same energy looking for ways that can improve your quality of life, the food that you eat, and the time you have to enjoy it. You will be so much happier, healthier and wealthier in the long run! What tips can you add for avoiding dollar ignorance?

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