Don’t get me wrong I LOVE my career in food, and wouldn’t swap it for love nor money (not today anyway). However, the rock and roll meets fashion diva within thrives on. I still need an occasional fashion fix.

Fashion Rocks

Julie Anne Rhodes: Fashion Rocks

Lucky for me, my friend Amanda Eliasch happens to be fashion editor at large for Genlux magazine, and procured me a couple seats, front row and center, for Tuesday Night’s runway and hair show by Essensuals

Fashion show sponsored by Genlux magazine

"Luxury Kills" Runway Fashion & Hair Show by Essensuals London

London featuring killer clothes by Skingraft. The party was hosted by Liberty Ross and Kiera Smith, and took place at the London Hotel West Hollywood. I admit, initially I was reluctant to go – I did slam Gordon Ramsey‘s

Julie Anne Rhodes, Amanda Eliasch, and Lisa Zane at the fashion show

Julie Anne Rhodes, Amanda Eliasch, and Lisa Zane

restaurant. Second thought? I really didn’t say anything I wouldn’t say to his face, so off I toddled on my stilettos with uber hip artist Millie Brown (Millie’s ‘Celestial Bodies’ show opens June 7th at Illoulian Gallery in 

Millie Brown and Julie Anne Rhodes

Millie Brown and Jewels

West Hollywood, preceding shows in New York and London), and quite pleasantly surprised by a collection not only noteworthy, but extremely wearable. Okay, so maybe in my day it was more flower child 70’s revival

Julie Anne Rhodes for Helen Story

More flower child

than goth inspired glam…

Skin Graft fashion meets rock and roll

Skin Graft fashion rocks the runaway

… but some things never change. A great hat is a great hat, and I’ll always want to lay my hands on it! Alas,

Julie Anne Rhodes and her hats

Couldn't wait to get my hands on the hats!

at the stroke of midnight my coach threatened to turn back into pumkin ice cream, so off I went to finish this weeks’ menu plan. My premium members will be saving scads of time and money using it to cook in one weekly menu plan

From rocking the runway to this week's menu plan on ( CLICK photo)

day, and live like rock stars the rest of the week. The Roving Stove may be my luxury service, but the Personal Chef Approach™ has become my affordable diffusion line. Why not live the luxury lifestyle without the luxury price tag? Join here now, and get my mini eBook, Party Accomplished as a BONUS GIFT until May 19th!

Julie Anne Rhodes membership site gift certificate premium membership gift certificate for Mother's Day (CLICK photo)

PS. Make mom’s life a little easier this year. Buy her a gift certificate for Mother’s Day (she’ll also receive my eBook, once she registers). Help her rock out dinner like a pro, without having to give it much thought. Client tested and approved recipes and menu plans for delicious dinners made in advance, so healthy dinners go from fridge to table in a snap. With direct access to my advice and a whole community of support, even the novice cook can master my approach.

Tell me, what luxury do you lust after most (extra time in your day for family and friends, money saved for something frivolous, precious downtime), and how would you spend it?

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