Occasionally, I can be a very bad influence. I know you’re all starting your “get back to eating healthy New Year’s resolutions, so this post is a little on the wicked side of indulgence for this time of year, but I’ve had this pearl dust I brought back from Fortnum & Mason’s sitting on a shelf for yonks now.


Pearl dust is said to brighten and smooth out the tone of your skin

When Genlux Fashion Editor at large, Amanda Eliasch persuaded me to make a shepherd’s pie for Boxing Day supper, I thought what better time to be decadent? After all, legendary beauties throughout history from Cleopatra to Marlene Dietrich have been rumored to use pearl dust as part of their beauty regime. With gorgeous guests like Amanda, Kay, and Justine – what dinner company could possibly appreciate it more?

Capping off Boxing Day supper

Capping off Boxing Day supper – Amanda, Charles, Kay, Daisy, me,  and Justine

Of course I did have a little giggle first, since the white powdery texture and bottle it came in looked rather like another party substance, but I quickly assured my guests I had not fallen off the wagon. As I lightly dusted their brownies, I explained that pearl dust is suppose to lighten and brighten your skin while smoothing out your skin tone, or so the legend goes….

Pearl Dusted Brownie

Pearl Dusted Brownie

Where exactly does one acquire pearl dust? There are numerous places on the internet to order it from, and here’s my favorite brownie recipe I used that night (if you dare to start your diets over again – it is naughty, but very nice)…

Baker's Chocolate Brownie

Baker’s Chocolate Brownies

I have yet to taste a more chocolatey, fudgey, yummy brownie recipe than the one that used to appear on the back of Baker’s Chocolate boxes, so why mess with perfection? Crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside, with or without nuts, with or without icing (I prefer mine naked and straight up) these quick and easy brownies are pure dessert heaven.

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