My favorite part of going to a black tie (or in this case red tie) event is often the excitement and preparations leading up to it – especially when it means girlie time with my daughter. Tatjana and I spent a leisurely day getting ready for the American Red Cross – Red Tie Affair. We started with manicures and pedicures, and then decided to try out the most clever franchise to come along in decades, the Dry Bar – a new breed of hair salons.

Make-up for an English Red Cross fashion show
No cuts, no color, just blow dry and styling at reasonable prices – hence the motto, “don’t blow your money.” Prices start at $35.00 – practically unheard of in Hollywood!

Genius concept
They will even do a “dry on the fly” in your own home for an additional, yet still very reasonable fee, but…
Who doesn’t love a little pampering?
… the uber cool parlours are so lively and fun! Everyone is treated celebrity style, offering you Champagne and all sorts of goodies while you wait. We felt the salon would make our mother -daughter pampering feel a bit more luscious.
The “cocktail” menu
You can choose from a cocktail inspired menu of different blow dry styles including the Shirley Temple for girls age ten and under (how cute is that), or just let your stylist know what you want.


From Shirley Temple to Uptini

Tatjana opted for the Uptini, and I went with the Southern Comfort, beginning with a gloriously self-indulgent hair wash. BTW, the extra decadent ten minute neck and scalp massage “floater” is well worth a bit extra.

As if it is not already the best deal in town, Dry Bar offers “bar tabs” too. Buy several blow dry’s in advance for added savings, or be a “bar fly,” and join a monthly membership as you would at the gym.
Style and sophistication
When Tatjana turned thirteen, I took over a hair salon and gave all her friends make-overs for her birthday party. You can hire Dry Bar for parties and events too. It was such a fun way to spend the day, and made us both feel so much more glamorous walking the red carpet that evening.

Photo courtesy of Andre Cohen photography
Look for Jewels from The Roving Stove in its new home at starting next Tuesday! What primping and pampering do you like to do when you get ready to go out?
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