Since television series celebrate their 100th episode… I decided to celebrate my 100th blog entry this week! However, not everyone can handle dinner out on the town with me.

Depending on how much of a foodie you are… I am quite possibly the most embarrassing person on earth to take to a restaurant. No one, and I mean no one is allowed to eat until I have properly photographed their meals. Then they get my best pleading puppy dog eyes until they share a bite with me. Nick looked as though he would dive under the table at any moment (desperate to hide, but too British to complain) when he took us to lunch after our daughter Tatjana’s graduation last summer!

Fortunately the friends I had dinner with at Peter Morton’s Pink Taco last Friday night… were much more at ease about letting me take pics, and graciously offering up a tasting.


Carne asada marinated skewers in a tamarind chipotle glaze with fresh jicama slaw and mixed greens.


Achiote marinated Mexican shrimp sautéed in Hornitos tequila, fresh lime juice, and butter; spiked with chiles and cilantro. Served with grilled bread for dipping.


Sabana de pollo. Paper thin pounded chicken breast topped with pinto beans, melted cheese, chimichurri sauce, grilled onions, pico de gallo, & roasted Serrano peppers.


Market fresh fish tacos (in this case seared tuna). Flour tortilla topped with shredded green cabbage, seared fresh tuna, Serrano-cilantro sauce, sour-mayo, guacamole & pico de gallo.
Yassi and Nick
Julie Anne, Simon, and Chantal
I couldn’t even decide whose dinner I liked most… my taste buds were too busy doing the Pink Taco Tango! Talk about BIG bold flavor, and beautiful presentation. That, plus deep belly laughs with friends equals a perfect evening on the town! Gracias tantos mis amigos!
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