Jewels in personal chef mode

Everyone, not just those that can afford to hire a personal chef, could benefit from applying the “personal chef approach” to their own households. We’re all struggling to find that ever elusive balance in our lives; whether you are a single professional working crazy hours, a double income couple, or time-starved family constantly racing in different directions – wouldn’t it be great to have one less thing to worry about on hectic weekday nights?

It wasn’t until I opened the door to an empty refrigerator after cooking all day for my first client that I realized I needed a personal chef too. The last thing I felt like doing was cooking again. I was too exhausted to go to a restaurant, and unhealthy fast food was out of the question. That’s when Sunday afternoon became my own personal chef day.

Tatjana calls me “chef peg leg”

I plan to share a series of Dinner Accomplished webisodes on Vimeo with you over the next few months to help demonstrate how the “personal chef approach” works. You will find the first one, The Helping Hand Menu Webisode on The Roving Stove’s new Vimeo Channel now.
Everyone knows what a sucker for babies I am!

My friends Lia and Bruce just had a precious baby boy, so I decided to make a few meals as a gift to help them out while they adjust to life as new parents. Before you think “wow, how generous Julie Anne is,” I killed two birds with one stone. By doubling the recipes, I also made some goodies for my own refrigerator at the same time. Win-win situation for everyone with no extra effort. One of the many reasons I love the “personal chef approach.”
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