Jewels in personal chef mode

Everyone, not just those that can afford to hire a personal chef, could benefit from applying the “personal chef approach” to their own households. We’re all struggling to find that ever elusive balance in our lives; whether you are a single professional working crazy hours, a double income couple, or time-starved family constantly racing in different directions – wouldn’t it be great to have one less thing to worry about on hectic weekday nights?

It wasn’t until I opened the door to an empty refrigerator after cooking all day for my first client that I realized I needed a personal chef too. The last thing I felt like doing was cooking again. I was too exhausted to go to a restaurant, and unhealthy fast food was out of the question. That’s when Sunday afternoon became my own personal chef day.

Tatjana calls me “chef peg leg”

I plan to share a series of Dinner Accomplished webisodes on Vimeo with you over the next few months to help demonstrate how the “personal chef approach” works. You will find the first one, The Helping Hand Menu Webisode on The Roving Stove’s new Vimeo Channel now.
Everyone knows what a sucker for babies I am!

My friends Lia and Bruce just had a precious baby boy, so I decided to make a few meals as a gift to help them out while they adjust to life as new parents. Before you think “wow, how generous Julie Anne is,” I killed two birds with one stone. By doubling the recipes, I also made some goodies for my own refrigerator at the same time. Win-win situation for everyone with no extra effort. One of the many reasons I love the “personal chef approach.”
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  • July 13, 2010
    1:26 pm

    Great!I am really looking forward to this. I could definately use the help.Kelly

  • July 13, 2010
    2:59 pm

    You are so right! Cooking larger batches and dividing it up into meal size packages is definitely a time saver and just makes more sense. I used to do it when I worked and I need to start doing it again. I find that I don't have much of an appetite so packaging the main courses in smaller servings and supplementing with fresh salads and veg might get me onto a healthier lifestyle than my brown rice, yogurt and cereal habit. I've got to try to keep healthy because I know how easy it is to fall into the bad habits and end up feeling horrible. I've never really taken cooking for myself seriously, I always thought, well, it's only for me, so it doesn't really matter. I'll be watching and taking notes and hopefully learning that meals for one are just as important as cooking for a family. Thank you, Julie Anne for making me realize that! Hope you're healing well and feeling wonderful, you are such a trouper to go through all that you have and still come out smiling and making us laugh and learn.

  • July 13, 2010
    4:38 pm

    My iPhone won't play the video. Argh! I'll watch it tonight on my work laptop. Need the wisdom of the Chef Goddess!Jodi Silverman Zulueta

  • July 13, 2010
    4:40 pm

    We could All use help Kelly, sounds like you could give us a few tips too Ruthee, and thank you Jodi – let me know what you think of the webisode.

  • July 13, 2010
    5:48 pm

    Love the video and the new channel!

  • July 13, 2010
    8:53 pm

    Nice webisode and nice kitchen! I can see you have a good bottle of olive oil there :)Martina D' Epifanio

  • July 13, 2010
    8:54 pm

    I use olive oil in almost everything Martina. I prefer it to butter.

  • July 13, 2010
    10:36 pm

    I'm hypnotized by your luscious hair.

  • July 13, 2010
    11:22 pm

    Oh Julie Anne, I could do with a fridge filled with ready made meals right now. Having been ill the last week with this cold, has seen me drained of all energy (& poor Mia too). The only thing I have managed so far is to make two kinds of soup one being my famous chicken noodle soup (with mama's home made soup noodles) and minestrone soup. My husband has cooked a few times too, which has been a real help. Looking forward to seeing more on Vimeo. Aussie MumP.S. Even with a "peg leg" you are glamorous….aah if only we could all look as good as you.

  • July 14, 2010
    2:26 am

    I can't wait for these videos!!!

  • July 14, 2010
    4:13 am

    Jewels, thank you for posting that webisode. I really enjoyed it. I love to cook larger batches and freeze or chill (I have four teenagers in the house…"I'm hungry" is often heard so handy food is a must)…and I learned a few things from your tips. Great job.

  • July 14, 2010
    5:31 pm


  • July 14, 2010
    5:31 pm

    Tatjana thinks the smaller boot looks like "the gladiator look gone way wrong mom."

  • July 14, 2010
    8:23 pm


  • July 14, 2010
    8:24 pm

    I just watched the latest video you posted. I really enjoyed it! I personally love to watch other women cook and also do their makeup. Does that sound odd? haha :) You pick up the best ideas seeing how other talented people create, whether it's cooking, beauty, fashion, art etc. P.S. I adore the tile in your kitchen. I kept worrying about it when you'd set the hot pots and pans on it. I have white marble counters, so I think I'm just used to obsessing over them…. Well done! :)Kim Phillips Cuccia

  • July 14, 2010
    8:26 pm

    I love the tile for that very reason Kim, and that it was more in keeping with my 1920's house.I don't Tammie (at least not that I know of – maybe someone had an affair that was kept on the hush?), but I always wished I could claim to be part native American!

  • July 16, 2010
    7:27 pm

    Hi Julie Ann,You have a rare generous spirit and a very kind way of writing. I really like you and your blogs. You make me laugh, which is a gift. English is not my first language so I hope you know what I, Mirjam

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