Watching a parade perched on dad’s shoulders

Did I become an extra in an Oliver Stone movie? There are streets cordoned off everywhere, men in dark glasses, and gray suits talking into their lapels as they run down Lexington Avenue in packs, and what appears to be the entire NYPD police department congregated within a two block radius of my hotel seriously disrupting my ability to catch a taxi anywhere.

Streets cordoned off

NYPD two days before the president is even due to arrive

Suddenly a flash of blue lights and a string of long black limos barrel past. The windows are too dark to see in, but I presume it is President Obama (although half expecting Kevin Costner to suddenly poke his head out and wave). Of all the hotels in New York, muggins here has to choose the one right across the street from the Waldorf Astoria where the president is staying. He is here to speak at the UN regarding the Millennium Development Goals later today.

Mr. President’s Hotel

Catching a glimpse of the president is cool, but I am not loving the havoc his security detail are reeking on my travel plans. Anyway, that and the fact that I am still having too much fun (therefore, not enough time to write) here in New York is my excuse for not sharing all the exciting details of my week yet. I promise to start bringing you up to scratch once I find a taxi, finish my meetings, and arrive back in LA next week.

Finally made it downtown for dinner with my friends

Out of desperation I begged the gentleman in the taxis cue ahead of me to share a cab, and ended up making an interesting new friend while eventually making my way downtown to dine as planned. In the meantime, I hope the inconvenience has been worth it, and that President Obama will pledge to do our countries’ part in reaching those goals with just five years left to fulfill them.
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