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Merci Beaucoup to Lane Morris Buckman from The Outside Lane for adding “restaurant spy” to her distinguished resume when she visited Lavendou French Bistro incognito for us! I already knew about Lane’s quick wit and mastery of words when she wrote one of her Women Worth Knowing posts about me (again merci beaucoup), but who knew she could also take mouthwatering food photos too? Her deftly enticing descriptions make me want to toss caution and diet to the wind, and hop a plane to Dallas!

19009 Preston Road, Ste 200
Dallas, Texas 75252

By Lane Morris Buckman

Lavendou is a fantastically warm and inviting French bistro tucked neatly into the pleat of a strip mall off Preston Road in Dallas, Texas.The short menu offers a regular array of dishes, and a du jour selection featuring a variety of quiches, crepes, pasta, soup, and fresh fish.There is also the Chef’s Menu, which allows for a three course sampling of items from the regular and the du jour menus.

French Onion Soup

While their cream based lentil soup is my favorite, I also love (and happened to remember to photograph) the French Onion soup.Served in its own tiny crock, the rich broth is so flavorful, you can smell the herbs before you even break the crispy provolone seal.It is a heartier stock than most restaurants serve, and has a wilder, earthier flavor for the herbs used.It is not as sweet as some onion soup, but really sits pleasantly on the tongue.

Warm Goat Cheese Salad

I am also a big fan of their Warm Goat Cheese and Prosciutto salad.The greens are served with a sweet vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, and thin croutons.It is a wonderful combination of flavors, and the crispy goat cheese medallions are amazing.

Cranberry Tart

For dessert, there are a variety of tarts and other fare.My favorites are the fresh cranberry tart, which appears as a du jour seasonal item, and the apple tart.Both are loaded with fresh fruit, and the sweet comes from the natural flavors.The pastry and filling for the tarts are nice and even flavored, letting the fruit have center stage.Besides being so tasty, they are also presented beautifully, garnished with fresh whipped cream that I could eat by the barrel.

Jewels still eating…

Thanks a million for taking us on this culinary journey Lane. What hidden gems are you dining at in your town? Would you like to be a Restaurant Spy on Jewels from The Roving Stove?

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