All right, so you didn’t grow up with a mother (or father – there I go being sexist again) who taught you how to cook, so you happen to be uncomfortable in the kitchen. You also know the healthiest and most economical way to control the ingredients (and their source) that go into your meals, is to cook them yourself at home. However, you have precious little free time that you’re not working, fighting traffic, or attending to other responsibilities, so you’re overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, join the Personal Chef Approach, and stop worrying about “what’s for dinner?”

Ready, steady, cook!

Ready, steady, cook!

If you can read, you can cook. It really is as simple as gathering and prepping the ingredients listed on the recipe, then following the directions provided. The PCA streamlines the planning process, then helps you cook once, to enjoy homemade meals ready in minutes all week long. Problem solved!  You save hours every week while still keeping healthier choices at your fingertips. In fact, I’ll show you how easy it is with the quick recipe videos like this one for Spaghetti with Broccoli. Be sure to subscribe to the Personal Chef Approach YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any of the other recipes and cooking term demonstrations I’ll be releasing soon!

Spaghetti with Broccoli

The juxtaposed textures of the al dente spaghetti and the crisp-tender broccoli are surprising, yet pleasing. As is the slight saltiness of the pasta with the hint of sweetness from the broccoli. Then add fruity olive oil, fragrant garlic, and a hint of heat topped off with grated Parmesan for a sublimely simple yet exquisite side dish or light supper.

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