If you didn’t grow up with a stay at home mom who taught you how to cook (and you’re not one of the millions of viewers fascinated with food TV), chances are you are not very comfortable in the kitchen. You know the only way to control what you consume is to make it yourself, so you’re in a bit of a quandary. Trust me, if you can read you can cook. The ingredients are all listed along with step by step directions to put the recipes together.

However, those fancy schmancy cooking terms may throw some people off. That’s why in addition to adding recipe videos onto the Personal Chef Approach YouTube channel, I’m going to start adding cooking term demonstrations too.  Just subscribe to the channel, bookmark it, and a glossary of cooking term videos will be easy to find whenever you are stumped. How to dredge is up first, but I’d love to hear what cooking terms baffle you? Leave a comment below…

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