How to use the Personal Chef Approach™ to feed your family and theirs!

Photo Credit: Colin Crowley/Save the Children

The emaciated little bodies with skin hanging from their bones, the tears in their eyes, and the living-dead look in their eyes are all seared onto my heart. The easy thing to do is say “how sad”, then turn away and try to forget. I can’t, those little faces haunt me. Maybe you tweeted the story on to assuage that nagging voice of humanity within you (raising awareness is very important too), or maybe you’ve been moved into action, and want to help FEED these starving, malnourished children and their families like I do? As a mother, and as someone who earns her living cooking, I can’t turn my back on these hungry people, but I do need your help.

Some of us will simply donate which is fantabulous! However, I know this economy is putting a pinch on how much many of us can afford to give. What if I told you that you could make a real difference and it wouldn’t cost you a cent, just your time doing something you already do anyway?

Why not use our new found Personal Chef Approach™ skills to help feed the hungry? It is not much more effort to cook 8 servings of a meal than it is to cook 4 servings (you just double the ingredients). You’ll be cooking for your own family anyway, so why not offer to cook for a friend, colleague, or family member willing to donate in exchange for making them a few meals for the week ahead at the same time? Let’s put the Personal Chef Approach™ into action, because it is a TRIPLE WIN!

WIN #1 You help a friend get dinner from fridge to table in a snap.

WIN #2 You feed your own family at the same time without much extra effort.

WIN# 3 You share the knowledge you both helped feed people in desperate need in the process.

 Click here for more details, or sign-up to participate, and instructions will be emailed directly to you.

Please do not tell me, “but I can’t cook.” If you can read, you can cook! All of the logistics are already taken care of for you – I’ve planned a menu with three quick and easy meals, supplied the recipes, written the grocery list you will need, and even the “heat to eat” instructions for you to print out and leave with the food for your donor family. All you have to do is shop and follow the directions.

I’m putting my actions where my mouth is, and I have offered to cook for any personal friends willing to donate a minimum of $500.00. I will also be available on Facebook most of the day on Sunday September 18th, 2011 to give you timely advice in case you need it. You set the price you think your time is worth (plus what your friends might pop for), however I feel $100.00 donation ought to be the minimum (preferably $200.00). Lets face it – this requires a lot of effort, and it will cost $100.00 to see one child safely through this drought.


 Sesame-Garlic Grill-Ready Flank Steak
Asian-Style Roasted Broccoli

Baked Eggplant Parmesan
Balsamic Marinated Green Beans & Carrots

Goats Cheese & Herb Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Orzo with Spinach, Feta & Toasted Pine Nuts

*Please be sure to always follow safe food handling practices.
** We recommend cooking in the donor’s home to comply with local health codes.

Photo Credit: Colin Crowley/Save the Children

When you donate to Julie Anne Rhodes: Supporting the Children’s Hunger Crisis Fund you will be sending funds directly to Save The Children, who have launched an emergency appeal to get life-saving help to thousands of Ethiopian, Kenyan and Somali children facing starvation in what the UN has called the Horn of Africa’s worst drought in 60 years. I support them because they have been on the ground helping, with a well established relationship of trust in this troubled region for many years. Save The Children provide clean water, food and medicine as well as education on how to adapt to the increasing droughts in the area. At least 90% of all money donated goes directly where it is needed most, with only 4% going towards costs and 6% towards fundraising.

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PS. For those of you entering the Party Accomplished Competition – do not forget to ask your guests to donate!

PPS. Do you have any ideas you would like to add for this or future fundraising efforts?

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