You would think by now I would have outgrown loving birthdays, but no, I still get as excited as I did when I was two. Evidently that Daisy gets excited too. She woke me barking her rendition of “happy birthday” at 6AM. Thanks Daisy, but I would have preferred the beauty rest! You are reluctantly, sleepily, forgiven.

Julie Anne Rhodes

I like birthdays!

This birthday started out particularly sweetly. My daughter is an ace #1 card giver, and I save every single one of them. She also gets a kick out of calling me mum as apposed to mom (asserting her English rose heritage).

Birthday card from Tatjana

Birthday card from my daughter, Tatjana

I did ask her permission before sharing this with you. I  had to show you why I’m glowing from within today. She always has the perfect words to make me feel so special. I love you more than infinity, Tatjana, and thank you too Aaron. I do miss you, and wish “Scotty would beam me up” to see you more often, and that we were

Birthday message from my daughter

Birthday message from my daughter

celebrating together (preferably someplace balmy). I decided today did call for a celebration, so I invited a few friends for dinner. I’d share the menu, but that would spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say, I’ve been having

Celebrating Tatjana's 25th birthday together in Bali

Celebrating Tatjana's 25th birthday together in Bali

a blast throwing diet to the wind for one evening, and cooking up a storm. They got strict instructions to bring hungry tummies, giggles, and nothing else. I wish I could squeeze more than ten around my table – there are

Still loving birthdays today

Still loving birthdays today, including my own

so many more people I would have loved to invite. Oh well, and please excuse the lack of make-up. I promise to put some on later, but I was up til the wee hours struggling with a new cake recipe that didn’t seem to work as printed, so when I opened this card from my sister I had to laugh!

You want a cake recipe?

The birthday card from my sister

All I want for my birthday is for you to “like” me. Do you really, really like me? if you do already, please sign-up for my website too. Thank you, and I’m sure there will be more to share about the party, and the final verdict on the new cake soon. xo

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