Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks To You

Thanksgiving Plan Of Action
Thanksgiving was one of the few American traditions that I clung to throughout the fifteen years I lived in London. I enjoyed sharing that piece of my childhood and all my favorite foods with my English friends who had become my adopted family. When I first...
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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Friday Food Tip: The Basics of Soup

We finally have a spell of chilly weather here in Los Angeles (well we had one for two minutes), so the soup’s on!  This classic comfort food is one of my favorite types of food to make, and its ‘s much easier than you may… Keep Reading »

Thankful for my family

Ten Commandments of Healthy Holiday Eating

“Indulgence vs. gluttony does not = deprivation” – the Jewels theory.
Navigating the holidays without gaining weight is difficult, but doable when you know how to make healthy eating choices. Contrary to popular belief, Thanksgiving does not mean you have to stuff your face full of absurd amounts of fat,… Keep Reading »


An Intimate Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is usually a time to gather with family and friends, but sometimes it’s nice to have a more intimate gathering with just your “better half”, or a few friends at home. Since Tatjana is working in London, and I just had a fabulous week… Keep Reading »

Jewels preparing festivities in advance

A Thanksgiving Plan of Action

The secret to the personal chef approach is organization. Dreaming up a feast can be so much fun, but planning, shopping, and doing some of the cooking in advance will help things run smoothly, stress free, and allow you to enjoy your own party, too!… Keep Reading »


Dear Jewels: My Husband Is A Meat & Potatoes Guy & I Want Variety

 My husband likes to eat. He is a meat ‘n potatoes kind of guy. Fancy, vegetarian, ethnic, soup/stew, seafood are not his idea of a meal. Beef, pork, and the occasional chicken next to a starch and a vegetable is about my normal plate. He… Keep Reading »

Nick, Tatjana, and Julie Anne Rhodes

Whining and Dining

We’ve all been there. Spent a fortune on a meal out on the town with that someone special only to have a screaming child take the romantic out of our rendezvous. What are the parents doing? Ignoring the offending behavior. Trust me, Tatjana had her moments… Keep Reading »

Halloween spirits are alive and well in my neighborhood

Creepin And A Crawlin!

The Halloween spirit is alive and well as usual in my neighborhood! Everyone is busy getting their costumes ready for the big night. There will of course be plenty of children trick or treating, but there is also a fabulous soiree for us older kids… Keep Reading »

Boo Cake Pops

Five Tips for Safe Halloween Fun

Halloween is a magical day for children and overgrown kids like myself. It’s also a time when kids get so excited (and filled to the gills with sugar) that they don’t make the best decisions – making it prime time for accidents to happen, and… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes courtesy of Hello Magazine

Dear Jewels: How Do I Cook Venison?

 – Do you have any cooking tips for venison? I had a friend give me several steaks and I successfully made jerky (sarcasm). I have been told low heat/slow cook but still, it’s horrible. Tough, dry, blah. The steaks are roughly 1/2″ thick. Any suggestions? Thanks… Keep Reading »


The Way to a Man’s Heart

Is the way to a man’s heat through his stomach? I’m not referring to what gets a man into your bed, I’m referring to what keeps him there once the sizzle begins to fizzle. What qualities differentiate the women you want to bed, and the… Keep Reading »

Bhune Rattan

The Last Supper At Kishmish

A trip to London is never complete without a great Indian meal, so Tatjana and I headed to Kishmish in Fulham Broadway for a spectacular feast my last night in town.
Tatjana Rhodes at Kishmish
Tantalizing spinach and lentil soup tinged with fragrant spices chased off the… Keep Reading »

Lula at the Half Moon

London Part II

This trip to London was very low key for the most part. More about spending quality time with my daughter than sightseeing or socializing, although I did manage to squeeze in a fair bit of the later, along with plenty of fun playing games, going… Keep Reading »