Friday Food Tips: 10 Tips for Grill Safety

Last Friday I shared my Holiday Weekend Grill Recipes, but it’s also a good time to review grill safety tips before you don your aprons and snap the tongs between your fingers, regardless to whether you’re a well-seasoned expert or cooking on the grill for the...
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Nick, Julie Anne, & Tatjana Rhodes

Hungry Like the Wife

Purely by chance this week I ran across this LA Times blog entitled Hungry like the wolf: Julie Ann Rhodes goes from rock ‘n’ roll wife to food fame by Scott T. Sterling. I am far from naive enough to believe Mr. Sterling would have taken… Keep Reading »

Daddy's girl

Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

Giant, that is the word that best describes my father. Whether it was sitting up on his shoulders towering above the crowd to watch a parade when I was 3, running to keep up with the gate of his long legs in the airport at… Keep Reading »

A butcher at Lidgate


I am most contenedtly nestled into the rather grand home of my friends Miranda and Mick Jones (I keep expecting Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to come flying through the window into the children’s nursery at any moment). They have graciously offered me shelter during my… Keep Reading »

Ritz editorial 3

Kitchen Decluttering – Spring Cleaning II

Along with Spring comes Spring cleaning. I’ve been decluttering my home and my life lately, but it’s so hard to know where to start when  the piles everywhere threaten to swallow you alive?
Everything in it’s place – organizing the clutter
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Tatjana, Dumbo, and I enjoying a "cuppa"


Tatjana is coming home this week, and I have decided to take a summer break. I will be running some oldie but goodies to keep you all entertained for a few weeks. A lovely tea party is always so enjoyable this time of time of… Keep Reading »

Invited back to the Dakota for cocoa

Yoko Ono & Kitchen Spring Cleaning

We met Yoko Ono at dinner one evening many years ago in New York. We offered her a lift home, and she invited us up to the apartment in the Dakota. Nick reverently played John Lennon’s piano, while I accompanied Yoko to the kitchen to… Keep Reading »

Focus on nutritious home cooked meals

Dieting Versus Healthy Diet

For all of us who have struggled with unhealthy eating practices or  eating disorders, for all of us with daughters, and for those who place the emphasis on weight instead of a sensible healthy diet – Personal Chef Approach member Rachel Cree-Lowe’s guest post this week… Keep Reading »

Stocking your fridge and freezer

Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better & Stocking Your Refrigerator

One thing I forgot to include when I wrote about pantry items over the past couple weeks, is bigger is not always better! Yes, most pantry items have a very long shelf life, but the prevailing American attitude that if a little is good, more… Keep Reading »

Nick, Julie Anne, and Tatjana Rhodes

From VIP Entrances to Service Entrances

The who, what, when, and why of how I became a personal chef 

The tagline for Jewels from The Roving Stove is “From VIP entrances in Versace to service entrances in my apron.” Many of you knew of me when I was a model, married to the… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes' Personal Chef Approach

Friday Food Tip: Building A Well Stocked Pantry

My approach to cooking has always been to paint with flavor. The more flavors you have in your pantry – the more hues in which you have to paint, ergo the variety and complexity of the recipes you are able to create.  Since spices, herbs,… Keep Reading »

twisted form of 52 card pickup - only we are not just talking just 52 cards, it's 45,000 photos all tossed out of the custom files I spent last five years organizing!

Apple! Why Fix It If It Ain’t Broke?

Well chickadees, I don’t have time to write you an interesting blog post today, and I am not entirely sure when I might have time again. You see, I went into the “genius bar” at my local Apple store for help with some crashing issues… Keep Reading »

Spices and herbs

Friday Food Tip: The PCA Starter Dry Pantry

One of the first questions a new home cook asks when they join the Personal Chef Approach is what do I need to have in my pantry? Stocking a pantry should be viewed as an investment. You’ll use these items over and over again –… Keep Reading »