The Life & Times of David Bowie: Act II

David Bowie Exhibition at the V&A London
I’m still so sad over the loss of David Bowie, both as an avid fan and an old friend. Thank you so much for the sheer pleasure your incredible body of work brought us all, and the warmth of your friendship. I hold so many...
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Julie Anne Rhodes


Vicissitudes: successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs.
Julie Anne Rhodes: A new chapter
It is a New Year, and time for a new chapter in my life. There are BIG changes afoot in the Rhodes residence. New partners, new website, new clients, new home. The view will be quite different a year from… Keep Reading »

Tatjana and Mom shopping 2 decades ago

A First for the First Dinner of the Decade

 When Nick rang to wish Tatjana a Happy New Year, he let it slip that Tatjana is actually a really good cook. I have no doubt this is a skill she was hiding from me deliberately because she loves for me to make all her old… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes

#1 New Years Resolution

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a “New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous. The name comes from the fact that these commitments… Keep Reading »

A Culture Club kind of Christmas

Orange You Glad it’s the Holidays

Jewels: Meet my twin sister born into a ‘rival’ band by mistake, Alison Hay, who describes the relationship between Culture Club and Duran Duran back in the day as “enemy camps.” We met in passing a few times (most likely powdering our noses in the loo),… Keep Reading »

Apricot-Pecan Stuffed Roast Pork Loin with Apricot Sauce

Special Occasions & Party Accomplished

There are no shortages of special occasions that might require a more elegant menu this time of year. Since I’ve been asked to tape another guest chef appearance next month, and they requested I make a holiday and/or special occasion recipe, I thought I’d come up… Keep Reading »

Perfecting your timing while cooking multiple meals at once

Friday Food Tip: Timing Tips

When I asked about what the biggest challenges you face in the kitchen are on the Personal Chef Approach page recently, Jan Rogers Salsky mentioned “not timing things properly.” As you might imagine, timing is everything when you cook, and even more so when cooking multiple meals… Keep Reading »


The Sado-Masochistic Food Syndrome

A photo of an incredibly dashing couple on my friend Amanda Eliasch’s Facebook wall caught my eye. The depth behind their gaze intrigued me. A few weeks later I met Inesa and Barrington De La Roche with Amanda over cocktails in London, and I was… Keep Reading »

With Nick & Tatjana Christmas time 1988

Tips For Managing Holiday Stress & Blues

Do you have a romantic ideal of what the holidays should look like, but, in reality, it falls short of your expectations, with the same family squabbles, hurt feelings, and disappointment manifesting year after year? I think if we’re honest, we all feel this to… Keep Reading »


Gingerbread Art

In 1986, I did a shoot for Harper’s Bazaar on wearable art. One of the pieces happened to be this jacket featuring art by my friend Kieth Haring. It turned out to be a prophetic fashion shoot.

Julie Anne Rhodes in Haper’s Bazaar

It was my… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne wearing Liza Bruce back in the day and Millie Brown modeling the dress now

Shop Vintage Julie Anne

Either I had to go on a diet, or my overcrowded closet did. Guess who won? Gone are my days of living on three lettuce leaves and the occasional bowl of chicken vegetable soup to remain a perfect sample size. I like eating as much… Keep Reading »

Alana Stewart, Marianne Williamson, and Cheryl Tieggs

An Interview with Marianne Williamson

I’ve lived in pain-tinged silence over my weight, both thin and heavy, most of my life. I know the food is not the enemy, but what I didn’t understand was just how cruel and abusive all the diets, binges, and self-ridicule have truly been –… Keep Reading »


Friday Food Tip: Thanksgiving Replay

I couldn’t help reminiscing about Thanksgivings past  – the people, the places, the varying menus – all of which I treasure the memories. As a child, my matriarchal grandmother would insist the entire family convene in Des Moines. These were formal celebrations we dressed up… Keep Reading »