The Baby Shower

My baby shower with Jerry Hall, Amanda Kyme, Giovanna Taylor, and Yasmin LeBon
I usually prefer Personal Chef vs. catering jobs, but when one of my favorite clients asked me to do a baby shower for 40 guests in her home this weekend, I found it impossible to resist. The baby shower Jerry Hall threw for me  – with...
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I guess we can train the men in our lives to take over some of the cooking responsibilities!

For Those Who Hate Making Dinner…

An article recently appeared in the New York Times entitled What If You Just Hate Making Dinner? by Virginia Heffernan. You may be surprised to hear me say this, but sometimes I hate making dinner too – that’s why the Personal Chef Approach (PCA) is so important… Keep Reading »


Oktoberfest Celebrates the Food of the Season

October means pumpkins, cooler weather, Autumn leaves, and of course it is Oktoberfest time all around the world. If there is anything I like more than an excuse to eat delicious food it might be a chance to wear those cute Dirndl dresses with Lederhosen…. Keep Reading »

Liz, Jess, & Chris discussing the morning's dramas

Video Shoots Mercury Retrograde

I was reticent when I realized the latest Personal Chef Approach video shoot was scheduled right in the early stages of Mercury retrograde (with a blood moon to boot), but team PCA persevered and prevailed in spite of the many naughty delays the planets were… Keep Reading »

Another early morning call-time

Preparing for My Close-Up: A behind the scenes look at cooking on camera

I’ve been cajoled into shooting a few new videos for the Personal Chef Approach website and YouTube channel tomorrow. SO, once again I’m going to have to leave you with an oldie but goodie while I get the set ready, food bought and prepped, think… Keep Reading »

My cousin Jane, Big Grandpa, me, grandma Ellie, Larry

The Beetroot War

I’m reminiscing about my Grandma Ellie again today. I wonder what words of wisdom she would have for me about what I’ve been up to lately?

Living my dream

Everyone tells me I am the spitting image of my Grandmother Ellie. I definitely inherited her height, free… Keep Reading »

Gerard Depardieu and Julie Anne Rhodes curtosy of Steve Landis and Paris Match Magazine

To Be, Or Not To Be? This Is My Story

One day I woke up and realized that I was living someone else’s dream. My ex was so excited when I was cast in my first role, that I got caught up in his excitement, mistaking it for my own. I wasn’t looking for work… Keep Reading »


The “Sticks & Stones” of Healthy Arguing

Well chickadees, I was going to write you a post this morning, but I got called in last minute to cook for an infirm client, so please forgive my tardiness and rerun. I know many of you will have already read this post, but it… Keep Reading »

The budding art appreciation stage

The Pitty Party Is Over

Tatjana left for England on Sunday, and I started to sink into my usual depths of despair when she leaves. I traditionally throw a big pity party (feeling sorry for myself for 24 hours) but I handled it differently this time. Okay, so I spent… Keep Reading »

How to convert your picky vegetable eaters

How To Get Your Kids To Eat Vegetables

Do you struggle to get your kids to eat vegetables? Vegetables can have a strong, pungent flavor young palates may have trouble dealing with, but is that the only reason you have picky eaters on your hands?
How to convert your picky vegetable eaters
My friends have… Keep Reading »

An Evening of Hitchcock at the Bowl

Another Whirlwind Visit

You are probably all bored by now with my waxing on about how my daughter is my favorite person on the planet, but she is. When you share so many interests in common it’s hard to not have a blast together, and our visits always… Keep Reading »


Judge Julie

One of the all time greatest honors of my career to date – is being invited onto MASTERCHEF as a guest judge! Watch out for me in Part One of the two-hour Season Finale airing Monday, Sept. 15 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT), when the Top Three home… Keep Reading »

Feeling the gratitude

Facebook Challenges: Gratitude

I get it! Smaller causes need to make a bigger splash – both literally and figuratively, but I’m really over all the Facebook gimmicky challenges. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for finding creative ways of raising money for charity, but I simply don’t… Keep Reading »