Happy Honeymoons, UN-Anniversary, and Birthdays

Mr. & Mrs. Rhodes started their honeymoon in Rhodes, but this was in Mykonos
After five years of writing about my life ‘from VIP entrances in Versace to service entrances in my apron‘ I’m running out of ideas on how to keep you entertained by a wedding that happened three decades ago (wow, another Rip Van Winkle moment). I’m a...
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Relaxed, recharged, and happy

Flying Solo

I just got back last week from five glorious days in Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico. It was my first vacation completely alone since I cruised the Nile in 1993, but even then I was accompanied by a curator from the British Museum and many others… Keep Reading »

Robin Wiliams performing courtesy of threeifbyspace.net

You Will Be Greatly Missed, Robin Williams

My deepest, most sincerely heartfelt apologies go out to Robin Williams family for their tragic loss. The whole world  will grieve along with you, or at least I know I am.
Robin Williams as Mork courtesy of Mikethefanboy.com
I didn’t know Robin Williams personally, but he certainly… Keep Reading »

Lime Corn with Queso Fresco

Friday Food Tips: Fresh Corn on the Cob

While I’m still away sipping my virgin pina colada on the beach – I thought you might like reminding that it’s also corn season! Originally posted exactly one years ago…
Gone fishing (sipping virgin pina coladas on the beach)
For me, biting into an ear of corn… Keep Reading »

Recharging in Bali

Guide to Gorgeous

Well chickadees, my staycation has finally morphed into a full fledge vacation. It is definitely time to recharge my batteries!
Jewels on the beach
I plan to sit on a lovely beach, meditate, and reflect on life. I also want to swim until my heart’s content (and… Keep Reading »

Warhol -Basquiat

Friday Food Tips: Cooking With Herbs

I like to think of cooking as painting with flavor. Herbs and spices are part of those hues (that if used properly), can accentuate and elevate a simple recipe from ordinary to sublime. Here are a few of my tips on how to use them… Keep Reading »

Tatjana & Jewels on vacation

My Summer Staycation

I love vacations. All through June and July I’ve been longing to get away, and felt frustrated by the responsibilities preventing me from traveling afar.
Tatjana & Jewels on vacation
Okay, so I did attend a long weekend family reunion in Lake Tahoe, and it was fabulous!… Keep Reading »

Dealing with special diets

Adjusting, and Adapting To Special Diets

I’ve recently had an onslaught of clients with serious health conditions that need to be addressed with strict dietary changes. Never has the phrase “we are what we eat” been more true than in an age when chronic diseases and food allergies are becoming more… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne and Tatjana Rhodes ightening up

Tomorrows Fish-N-Chips Wrapper

I’ve decided it’s high time for some serious R&R. It’s not just a luxury, I consider it an investment in overall physical, emotional, and creative health! It’s been too long since I flopped on a beach, unwound with a little yoga and some medication, swam… Keep Reading »

When was the last time you complained about too much free time?

How Much is Your Time Worth?

When was the last time you said, “gee, I have too much free time on my hands?” If your life is anything like mine, never. Personal time has always been at a premium regardless to wether I’m a single gal, married, or divorced – childless,… Keep Reading »

Nick and Julie Anne Rhodes

The Life & Times of David Bowie: Act II

It’s summer, and we all need a little break from time to time, so I’m re-running a few of my favorite blog posts. This is what I was up to this time last year, and now tickets are now on sale for the only U.S…. Keep Reading »

rilled Marinated Artichokes

Friday Food Tips: 10 Tips for Grill Safety

Last Friday I shared my Holiday Weekend Grill Recipes, but it’s also a good time to review grill safety tips before you don your aprons and snap the tongs between your fingers, regardless to whether you’re a well-seasoned expert or cooking on the grill for… Keep Reading »

Make a healthier lifestyle habit

My Top 10 No-Diet Weight Loss Tips

It’s bathing suit season again, so I thought it might be a good idea to review my top 10 no-diet weight loss tips. I don’t believe in diets. Sure, I’ve done them to stay model thin, and I’ve lost tons of weight on them, but the… Keep Reading »