Cooking With Jewels: Mexican Roast Chicken

Mexican-Style Roast Chicken
We have so much on our proverbial plates today, we often don’t have time to put real food on them. You know you should be eating more meals cooked at home to avoid preservatives and pesticides in your food, and control the amount of sugar,...
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Mid Century Modern week in Palm Springs

Modernism Week

Mom and Dad have been wintering in Palm Springs again, so we decided to check out the week celebrating Mid Century Modern architecture. What I didn’t bargain for was the traffic during what turned out to be a
Mid Century Modern week in Palm Springs
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Cooking With Jewels

Cooking Terms: How To Blanch

Recipes often have words for cooking terms that may be confusing, so I have begun videoing those terms. My demonstrating what they mean is the next best thing to having mom show you herself. The idea is that when you run across a cooking term… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes

Dear Jewels: Cooking In A Small Kitchen

Dear Jewels:  I’ve lost my cooking mojo.  Have ever lost your groove by moving into a new home?  I hate my new kitchen.  It’s a sliver of the size of my old kitchen, it has ugly tile, a crappy stove/oven, non-existant counter space, a side by… Keep Reading »

Astrid Wyman, AndyTaylor, me, Steve Steve Strange, and Francesca Thyssen at my wedding reception.

Steve Strange

The call came in the midst of a killer day of fitting in clients, juggling a slew of meetings with investors, web developers, and reading through contracts (all with the kind of technical and legal jargon that make my head ache). “Huh… what? Are you sure?… Keep Reading »

Be My Valentine

Be Mine Valentine (FREE) Menu Plan

You know the old adage, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Well men, I’ll let you in on a little secret – there’s nothing sexier than a man going to the trouble of cooking a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for us… Keep Reading »

Ready, steady, cook!

Cooking With Jewels: Spaghetti & Broccoli

All right, so you didn’t grow up with a mother (or father – there I go being sexist again) who taught you how to cook, so you happen to be uncomfortable in the kitchen. You also know the healthiest and most economical way to control… Keep Reading »

Chicken & Waffle Croquettes with Slow-Cooked Eggs & Greens

Ladies Who Brunch

One of the highlights of my career was being was asked to be a guest judge along with many of the countries top chefs on an episode of MasterChef last fall. Among those illustrious chefs was Susan Feniger who also happens to own one of… Keep Reading »


Cooking Terms: How To Deglaze

So are you starting to feel more adventurous in your kitchens yet? My “cooking terms” series for the Personal Chef Approach YouTube channel is there to empower all you novice cooks out there. No more excuses about not knowing how to cook. If you can read,… Keep Reading »

Dining in the worlds top restaurants

Keep It Simple – Keep It Real (Food)

The number one New Years Resolution is to eat healthier, and with good reason after all that decadent holiday food. The easiest way to achieve your goal is to stick to unadulterated whole food and keep your preparations on the simple side. You know the… Keep Reading »

Cook once, enjoy homemade in minutes all week long

Cooking Terms: How To Sauté

I’m determined to make it easier for all you novice cooks out there to ROCK your kitchens, so here’s the next in my “cooking terms” series for the Personal Chef Approach YouTube channel. Now you know how to dredge, it’s time to move onto sautéing!

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Aja Dang

Why Do You PCA?

The good news? There are big plans in store for the Personal Chef Approach in 2015! Starting with a move to a new membership program that will allow members more control over their profiles, an upgrade in our merchant payment system to allow you to… Keep Reading »


Cooking Terms: How To Dredge

If you didn’t grow up with a stay at home mom who taught you how to cook (and you’re not one of the millions of viewers fascinated with food TV), chances are you are not very comfortable in the kitchen. You know the only way… Keep Reading »