Judge Julie In Hog Heaven: Cochon 555

Cochon 555
I am so honored to be one of the twenty chef judges of Cochon 555 at the Viceroy Hotel here in Santa Monica this Sunday, March 29, 2015. Cochon is traveling culinary competition that promotes sustainable farming of heritage pigs. I’ll be tasting the nose-to-tail...
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Things I would say to my 25 year old self

Pearls of Wisdom For My 25 Year Old Self

Choosing to put the discouragement, the doubts, the doubters, nay sayers and fear behind you is imperative. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me No. Said I wasn’t good enough. Laughed at my name…. The fear feels real, the worry is… Keep Reading »

Keep healthier options readily available

Five Tips To Get Your Kids Eating Healthier

1). Family Dinner Time: Dining together is important. According to a study by Hammons & Fiese, 2011 – children in families that sit down to dinner together regularly are 35% less likely to engage in disordered eating, 24% more likely to eat healthier foods and 12% less… Keep Reading »

Kiss Me I'm Irish

Kiss Me I’m Irish!

From sharing cupcakes with Daisy on my birthday to enjoying weather in the 90’s and lunch in Malibu with friends this weekend….
Malibu Pier
… St. Patricks Day is quite literally the icing on the cake while celebrating all week. Okay, so maybe I’m not
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Hoisin Pork Shoulder

Cooking With Jewels: Hoisin Pork Shoulder

I want the Personal Chef Approach to be the next best thing to mom being there with you while cooking, so I made this video demonstrating how to make my Hoisin Pork Shoulder recipe which uses one of my favorite kitchen appliances. Slow cookers are… Keep Reading »

Birthday Blessings 2010

A Birth-Day Off

Hey, it’s my birthday so I’ve decided to take some time off to celebrate. Here’s a look back to keep you entertained until Friday. Click the link below the photos to read the birthday blog posts past.
Nick, Julie Anne, and Tatjana Rhodes
2014 – Birthday Memories and… Keep Reading »


Cooking Terms: How to Shock

You have finally gotten past that inexplicable fear of cooking, and realized that “if you can read, you can cook.” After all, the ingredients are listed along with the directions, and you’re rocking out those recipes – then you run across a cooking term and… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes and Kenny Scharf

Born Again Art, Friends, & Food

We’d all had dinner at our usual fav, Mr. Chow in New York. “…Then all the wives – Julie Anne (Rhodes) and Teresa (Scharf) – got up and went to Nell’s in one car, knowing the husbands would have to follow, they wanted to kick… Keep Reading »

Mexican-Style Roast Chicken

Cooking With Jewels: Mexican Roast Chicken

We have so much on our proverbial plates today, we often don’t have time to put real food on them. You know you should be eating more meals cooked at home to avoid preservatives and pesticides in your food, and control the amount of sugar,… Keep Reading »

Mid Century Modern week in Palm Springs

Modernism Week

Mom and Dad have been wintering in Palm Springs again, so we decided to check out the week celebrating Mid Century Modern architecture. What I didn’t bargain for was the traffic during what turned out to be a
Mid Century Modern week in Palm Springs
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Cooking With Jewels

Cooking Terms: How To Blanch

Recipes often have words for cooking terms that may be confusing, so I have begun videoing those terms. My demonstrating what they mean is the next best thing to having mom show you herself. The idea is that when you run across a cooking term… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes

Dear Jewels: Cooking In A Small Kitchen

Dear Jewels:  I’ve lost my cooking mojo.  Have ever lost your groove by moving into a new home?  I hate my new kitchen.  It’s a sliver of the size of my old kitchen, it has ugly tile, a crappy stove/oven, non-existant counter space, a side by… Keep Reading »

Astrid Wyman, AndyTaylor, me, Steve Steve Strange, and Francesca Thyssen at my wedding reception.

Steve Strange

The call came in the midst of a killer day of fitting in clients, juggling a slew of meetings with investors, web developers, and reading through contracts (all with the kind of technical and legal jargon that make my head ache). “Huh… what? Are you sure?… Keep Reading »