Dear Jewels: Packed School Lunch Ideas

Tatjana and Friend Christian on their way to school
 For some reason my daughter and her friends started a boycott of sandwiches about a year ago. It’s left us moms all floundering . Can you please help us out with suggestions for packed school lunches that might please this sandwich shunning brigade? – Rachel Tatjana...
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Julie Anne Rhodes, Simon LeBon, and Claire Stansfield

Duran Duran Days and Cleanse Update

While I enjoy every second with my daughter and catching up with old friends, Duran Duran are about to play the Hollywood Bowl, so I thought it would be a great time to rerun this oldie but goodie. Just this trip alone, I’ve enjoyed dinner… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes, Rupert Everett, & Nick Rhodes

How Adventurous Is Your Palate?

I used to wear my pearls, but it seems today people can actually eat them! Now I’m a fairly adventurous eater, up for trying most things at least once, but a recent shopping excursion to Fortnum & Mason’s (in London) with my daughter threatened to… Keep Reading »

Gerard Depardieu with Julie Anne Rhodes in 1985 film

Girl on Film

While working in Paris in 1985, I landed my first film role in a film called Une Femme ou Deux (A Woman or Two). Talk about jumping in at the deep end… my first scene ever was with Gerard Depardieu!

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Let the Personal Chef Approach solve your problem

The Foody Direct Interview

I’m just off to visit my daughter and catch a little of London Fashion Week, but first I want to thank FoodyDirect for the lovely article they published about the Personal Chef Approach. What perfect timing to keep you all entertained while I travel!
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Santa Maria Tri-Tip

Friday Food Tips: Favorite Steaks for Grilling

We all have our favorite cuts of beef. Since most of the fat melts away from the meat during the grilling process, I usually prefer prime, and my “go to” cuts are T-bone or or N.Y. Strips.
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breakfast buffet

Champions of Breakfast

I am not a morning person, ergo I do not make as much effort towards breakfast as I should. In fact, I don’t want to even think about it so I grab some oatmeal or a yogurt with fruit and a little granola – pretty… Keep Reading »

Jewels with her cousins, grandmother, and great grandfather

The Personal Chef Approach to the Rescue

Guest Post by: Rachel Cree-Lowe
My earliest memories are almost entirely based on colour. The way the sun looked coming through the leaves as my Aunt held me in her arms and splashed with me in the pool as vivid shades of green dancing above our heads…. Keep Reading »

On tour with Duran Duran 1987

The Frequent Flier

If I had a dollar for every mile I have traveled I’d be on the Forbes Fortune 500 list by now. In an earlier post I mentioned that I missed my flight home from London. Virgin Atlantic mercifully put me on a flight the next… Keep Reading »

Ahem, notice the not so graceful movement out of sync with everyone else

“You Can Dance” My Top 3 Ostrich Moments

We all have them – those moments when you wish like an ostrich that you could burry your head in the sand and simply disappear. Since it has been a long, mundane, frustrating week of dealing with household repairs I thought listing my top three most… Keep Reading »

thumbs up to dinner

The PCA & Car Picnics Trump Take-Away

I love the summertime! I like the freedom from heavy clothes and shoes, I adore all the fresh fruits and vegetables. I prefer throwing my meat on the grill, and I live for giving into that nagging desire to travel. Thats great for someone who does… Keep Reading »

The birthday couple

Toasting A Special Decade

I’ll be missing my daughter big time this weekend, but first, let me wish Aaron happy birthday! His birthday is actually today (two days before hers so he is unlikely to ever forget), and Tatjana‘s will be on Sunday.
The birthday couple
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Jewels filming in Elizabeth Emmanuel period costume

Historical Over Food

Nile Rodgers first introduced me to Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr. while covering Feast for Peace for the We Are Family Foundation last year. We finally met in person last week to talk food, cooking together, and television.
Jewels filming in Elizabeth Emmanuel period costume

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