The Frequent Flier

On tour with Duran Duran 1987
If I had a dollar for every mile I have traveled I’d be on the Forbes Fortune 500 list by now. In an earlier post I mentioned that I missed my flight home from London. Virgin Atlantic mercifully put me on a flight the next...
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Ahem, notice the not so graceful movement out of sync with everyone else

“You Can Dance” My Top 3 Ostrich Moments

We all have them – those moments when you wish like an ostrich that you could burry your head in the sand and simply disappear. Since it has been a long, mundane, frustrating week of dealing with household repairs I thought listing my top three most… Keep Reading »

thumbs up to dinner

The PCA & Car Picnics Trump Take-Away

I love the summertime! I like the freedom from heavy clothes and shoes, I adore all the fresh fruits and vegetables. I prefer throwing my meat on the grill, and I live for giving into that nagging desire to travel. Thats great for someone who does… Keep Reading »

The birthday couple

Toasting A Special Decade

I’ll be missing my daughter big time this weekend, but first, let me wish Aaron happy birthday! His birthday is actually today (two days before hers so he is unlikely to ever forget), and Tatjana‘s will be on Sunday.
The birthday couple
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Jewels filming in Elizabeth Emmanuel period costume

Historical Over Food

Nile Rodgers first introduced me to Chef Joe DiMaggio Jr. while covering Feast for Peace for the We Are Family Foundation last year. We finally met in person last week to talk food, cooking together, and television.
Jewels filming in Elizabeth Emmanuel period costume

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Julie Anne Rhodes

Dear Jewels: Cooking In A Small Kitchen

Dear Jewels:  I’ve lost my cooking mojo.  Have ever lost your groove by moving into a new home?  I hate my new kitchen.  It’s a sliver of the size of my old kitchen, it has ugly tile, a crappy stove/oven, non-existant counter space, a side by… Keep Reading »

Julie-Anne-Rhodes-for-The-Express (1)

Sheer Indulgence or Preventative Medicine?

“Why aren’t you smiling, didn’t you enjoy the treatment?” my friend Yassi enquired. I’d just indulged in Pure Bliss – literally. It’s one of several miraculous rituals offered at my local Korean spa. “I’m squeaky clean from head to toe (they even scrub between your toes and behind… Keep Reading »

Lime Corn with Queso Fresco

Friday Food Tips: Fresh Corn on the Cob

While I’m still away sipping my virgin pina colada on the beach – I thought you might like reminding that it’s also corn season! Originally posted exactly two years ago…
Gone fishing (sipping virgin pina coladas on the beach)
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Tatjana taking in Rome

When in Rome…

You may recall I had to cancel a trip to Turkey a few years ago when Iceland’s Volcanic God’s decided to disrupt my flight, so Tatjana and I planned to travel to Istanbul at the end of the cruise. Hopefully my 3rd trip planned will indeed… Keep Reading »

Julie Anne Rhodes by Dean Chamberlain

A “Once In A Blue Moon” Blog Post

Since this is my first new blog post in ages, and it will literally be a blue moon tonight, I felt the title apropos. We all know “once in a blue moon” refers to something that seldomly  happens, but do you know why we say… Keep Reading »

A still from the short film Passion House


Ever since I can remember I have loved dressing up. I spent hour upon hour raiding my mother’s lingerie drawer to dress up like Samantha or Serena (I had a much stronger resemblance to Serena in both colorings and naughtiness) in Bewitched using mom’s negligees.

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Rose petals: use as an ingredient or garnish

Eat Me: 10 Tips on Edible Flowers

I love to cook, bake, and garnish with edible flowers – Mother Nature’s colorful and dainty way of sharing her joyfulness. Whether arranged in a glass vase, or enhancing our pulse-points, flowers are versatile and some are safe to eat, if you know what you… Keep Reading »


Istria, Wi-fi, & Truffles – Oh My!

When you are in love, cruising apart from your other half can be difficult. The internet on the boat cost fifty cents a minute, and took ten minutes just to open one email – Skype was a complete impossibility! That was a plus for me,… Keep Reading »