A still from the short film Passion House
Ever since I can remember I have loved dressing up. I spent hour upon hour raiding my mother’s lingerie drawer to dress up like Samantha or Serena (I had a much stronger resemblance to Serena in both colorings and naughtiness) in Bewitched using mom’s negligees.In...
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Rose petals: use as an ingredient or garnish

Eat Me: 10 Tips on Edible Flowers

I love to cook, bake, and garnish with edible flowers – Mother Nature’s colorful and dainty way of sharing her joyfulness. Whether arranged in a glass vase, or enhancing our pulse-points, flowers are versatile and some are safe to eat, if you know what you… Keep Reading »


Istria, Wi-fi, & Truffles – Oh My!

When you are in love, cruising apart from your other half can be difficult. The internet on the boat cost fifty cents a minute, and took ten minutes just to open one email – Skype was a complete impossibility! That was a plus for me,… Keep Reading »

Tatjana & Kirsten

Friday Food Tip: Taste Bud Travel

Rose Harissa’s guest post on Mumbai inspired me to at least take my tastebuds on a trip to India last Sunday. My cohort in crime, Laura Hodges and daughter Kirsten Pampu joined us for the afternoon feast.
Tatjana and Kirsten
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Tatjana and the gondolas


Even though I’ve visited Venice several times in my life, I still found that every where I turned there seemed to be another photo op beckoning. I’m convinced I could spend a lifetime here, and still never unravel all the mysteries that lurk within the… Keep Reading »

Dear Jewels tips to beat the heat

Some Like it Hot, But Enough Already!

 It’s hot outside, which makes it hot inside. I do not want to turn on the oven. My “room temperature” is around 80F. Yes, I do have the AC on. It’s 120F outside. The oven is this horrible pit of more heat that I dread. How… Keep Reading »

My first Price, the Monroe Dress 1982

The Price of Fashion

I met Antony Price at a party for Elton John at the Embassy Club in London in 1982. I was speechless when he sidled up next to me (without formal introduction), and announced “you must be in my Campden Palace show next week! Practice walking with… Keep Reading »

Old school service

Last Omnivore Standing

omnivore – an animal that feeds on both animal and vegetable substances

Julie Anne Rhodes – the 2 year old omnivore

I feel like the last human omnivore standing. My ex went vegetarian years ago, my daughter is leaning that way these days, and I live in… Keep Reading »

Friday Food Tips: 10 Tips for Grill Safety

Last Friday I shared my Holiday Weekend Grill Recipes, but it’s also a good time to review grill safety tips before you don your aprons and snap the tongs between your fingers, regardless to whether you’re a well-seasoned expert or cooking on the grill for the… Keep Reading »

Nick, Julie Anne, & Tatjana Rhodes

Hungry Like the Wife

Purely by chance this week I ran across this LA Times blog entitled Hungry like the wolf: Julie Ann Rhodes goes from rock ‘n’ roll wife to food fame by Scott T. Sterling. I am far from naive enough to believe Mr. Sterling would have taken… Keep Reading »

Daddy's girl

Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

Giant, that is the word that best describes my father. Whether it was sitting up on his shoulders towering above the crowd to watch a parade when I was 3, running to keep up with the gate of his long legs in the airport at… Keep Reading »

A butcher at Lidgate


I am most contenedtly nestled into the rather grand home of my friends Miranda and Mick Jones (I keep expecting Tinkerbell and Peter Pan to come flying through the window into the children’s nursery at any moment). They have graciously offered me shelter during my… Keep Reading »

Ritz editorial 3

Kitchen Decluttering – Spring Cleaning II

Along with Spring comes Spring cleaning. I’ve been decluttering my home and my life lately, but it’s so hard to know where to start when  the piles everywhere threaten to swallow you alive?
Everything in it’s place – organizing the clutter
Tip: If you are finding it… Keep Reading »