I received an invitation to OPFASHART, which at first glance I read as a less than ladylike bodily function, but then the image of my friend Amanda Eliasch emblazoned across the front caught my eye – it looked remarkably as though my old pal, artist Duggie Fields had a hand in painting it, and demanded a closer view. Any invitation that promises to bring the worlds of British fashion, art, and music together (my definition of bliss) for LA Britweek entices this recluse from her lair without a second thought, yes please!

AMANDAS.invite 1

Who better than the deliciously eccentric Jack-of-all arts herself to teach LA how to really throw a party? You may recall I met Amanda at her soiree featuring Dita Von Teese performing in a huge Champagne glass for the release of Amanda’s book of poetry and photography several years ago, Cloak, Dagger, & Butterfly. The well adept hostess effortlessly throws interesting mixes of people together, making them feel welcome and relaxed, even in high heels.

Amanda Eliasch, Charles Eliasch, Kay Saatchi, & Yassi Mazandi

Amanda Eliasch, Charles Eliasch, Kay Saatchi, & Yassi Mazandi

Of course the setting itself (Amanda’s stunning home), once owned by actress Penelope Cruz, perched high in the Hollywood Hills with a spectacular view and an airy indoor-outdoor flow helps. But then throw into the mix some of the UK’s most talented artists’ work splashed all about, and you have a positively inviting backdrop for inspired conversation. The walls included the brilliant works of Duggie Fields, Damian Elwes, Nigel Daly, Kay Saatchi, and rapidly rising star Yassi Mazandi who recently completed a residency at the Rauschenberg Foundation.

Lisa Zane & Charles Eliasch performing together

Lisa Zane & Charles Eliasch performing together

Music was deftly supplied by DJ Boris, and Amanda’s eldest son, opera singer Charles Eliasch fresh from making his debut appearance at Carnegie Hall last month, regaling us from her hot pink piano. The ultra debonair lad delighted us all further when he sang with folk singer Lisa Zane, sister of actor Billy Zane who was also in attendance. Their diverse styles and voices meld sublimely. The duo first performed together in the play, As I Like It, and will now feature in Amanda’s film The Gun, The Cake, And The Butterfly.

Pam Hogg fashion show

Pam Hogg fashion show

However, the Pièce de résistance of the evening was undoubtably the dramatic Pam Hogg fashion show, staged around and over a catwalk spanning a rose strewn pool. Pam’s clothes are nothing short of provocative and fabulous works of art as much as they are garments – albeit some require a Bo Derek perfect body (certainly not for the modest), while others translated into extremely wearable, chic ensembles – reminding me just how much I miss the world of fashion.

Meredith looking tres Barbarella in Pam Hogg

Meredith looking tres Barbarella in Pam Hogg

Coincidentally the show featured not one, but two of my exes – exes, socialite Lady Victoria Hervey and actress/artist/model Meredith Ostrom looking extremely Barbarella (Duran Duran would highly approve), and as lovely as ever. It was great to catch up afterwards, and learn Meredith will soon be appearing in Magic City’s second season, starring Danny Huston, beginning June 15th on Starz. Also joining me were artist Millie Brown and the fashion and beauty social media maestro, Norel Mancuso, with whom I slipped away for a quick bite to eat at Vegan Glory before my glass stilettos absolutely had to be removed, and my coach turned into a pumpkin.

Jewels with Millie Brown, and Norel Mancuso

Millie & Jewels

Thank you Amanda for yet another magnificent evening! I hope I did not disappoint you too greatly by turning down the opportunity to do the food, but I so much prefer being a guest at your parties. This one especially, was simply too divine to be spent in the kitchen.

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  • April 30, 2013
    11:08 am

    Sounds like you had an amazing time. The food, friends, fashion … absolute bliss! :)

  • May 1, 2013
    4:59 am

    Sounds like a fabulous evening! So glad you were able to have time away from cooking so that you could spend it with friends. A bite at Vegan Glory sounds YUM!

  • May 1, 2013
    9:14 am

    What a perfect evening and evening off for you! Some of the garments remind me of Thierry Mugler with a modern feminine twist! What a treat!

    I did think it was you singing at that gorgeous piano though!

  • May 3, 2013
    8:53 am

    Wow! The lady really knows how to throw a party! Sounds like a wonderful time, but one to remember for many years. Glad you took pics to share with us. How about a review of your meal at Vegan Glory? :)

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