Where It All Began

Jewels Turkey-Jasmine Burger
It’s only Tuesday, but my week has already gotten away from me with working on the website and having the house photographed today, so I thought I would re-run my very first blog post ever. It seemed fit since I just told you about Tatjana’s...
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Film buffs

Tatjana Rhodes: Girl Gone Good!

Now that Tatjana is finally starting share her work on her Vimeo channel, its time to do a little shameless promotion of my talented daughter. I don’t think there was ever any question that she would go into the arts.
The young artist
Initially it seemed animation would… Keep Reading »


A Taste of Sunnylands

You may have noticed by now that I’ve become obsessed with the desert and the mid-century architecture that abounds there. I’m not alone, Leonardo DiCaprio just bought a rather spectacular home in Palm Springs, and of course there are landmarks  like Bob Hope’s Lautner designed home… Keep Reading »

Perfecting your timing while cooking multiple meals at once

Friday Food Tip: Timing Tips

When I asked about what the biggest challenges you face in the kitchen are on the Personal Chef Approach page recently, Jan Rogers Salsky mentioned “not timing things properly.” As you might imagine, timing is everything when you cook, and even more so when cooking multiple meals… Keep Reading »

Jewels with old flame Michael

I Felt The Earth Move

I wish I could say it was a man making “the earth move under my feet, but it does appear to be mother nature shaking my world these days. Compared to the monsters in Chile recently, the earthquakes we’ve been having here in Los Angeles are thankfully… Keep Reading »

Aja Dang

The Secret To Carry-On Packing

Jewels: Aja Dang is a TV personality, model, actress, spokeswoman, and environmental advocate with a passion for sports and geek culture. With more than eight years of on-camera experience and a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from USC, she has worked with Maxim Magazine, Clevver Movies, Comcast SportsNet Bay… Keep Reading »

Halston with Dad in the 70's

Family, Fashion, and Fire – A Sad Younkers Farewell

I woke Saturday to the news that the old Younkers Department Store headquarters in downtown Des Moines had burned to the ground. That store represented five generations of my family history. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the news felt like all my happy memories had… Keep Reading »

Buying in season will help keep cost down

Organic On A Budget

I get it – you don’t want to buy organic, because it’s more expensive. The cost of groceries, gas, and rents have grown much faster than our paychecks, and that means we have to make more financial decisions, but are you being “penny wise and… Keep Reading »

My family knows how to celebrate

Palm Springs & More Birthday Celebrations

I am stuffed to the gills with birthday cake. This has been a mammoth year of birthday celebrations – the latest of which, as you know, was my mother’s eightieth birthday.
My family knows how to celebrate
The weekend began with a divine dinner at Chez Pierre…. Keep Reading »

Celebrating my mother

Mom’s Birthday Weekend

I know it sounds as though I am playing hooky a lot lately, but I assure I have not deserted you.
Celebrating my mother
It’s my mother’s 80th birthday this weekend. It must seem like life in the Friedman family is nothing but one continuous birthday (we… Keep Reading »

Shepherd's Pie

Tips You Might Not Know About Comfort Food

I like comfort food, and I like making comfort food. There’s something about the aroma wafting through the house on a cold rainy day that seems to brighten my mood and say “everything’s going be okay.” It’s naturally forgiving nature also means there’s no need… Keep Reading »


Judge Julie & Friday Food Tips

Well my chickadees, I’ve been invited to be a guest chef  critic on one of my favorite cooking shows today, so I don’t have time to write a new bog post. Here are a few of my favorite Friday Food Tips from the past to keep you entertained while… Keep Reading »

Happy birthday girl and her parents

Mr. Chow

People are always asking me “what’s the best restaurant in LA at the moment,” and there are excellent places opening (and closing) every year. However, when it comes to celebrating, it doesn’t matter if I’m in London, New York, or  Beverly Hills, Mr. Chow’s is… Keep Reading »