With the Peoples Choice Awards yesterday and the Golden Globes this Sunday, the starting gun for the whole award season game has definitely sounded. I’m not a betting person, but my personal top three picks for best film this year are Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, My Week with Marilyn, and The Help. I love that they all have female leads, and extremely talented ones too I might add.

Julie Anne and Nick Rhodes making the award season rounds

Here is a favorite quote from years past that struck a chord with me too, “I dress up for awards, but only if somebody else is going to pay for the clothes. And shop for them, too!” – Tea Leoni. Oh how I miss those days dearly, sigh!

Click the photo above for a re-run of My Night with Michelle Williams and Marilyn – a review of My Week with Marilyn and Michelle William’s extraordinary performance. You’ll find a yummy recipe there too, so it’s definitely worth a click down memory lane.

Jewels getting dolled up for the award season ahead

I have to get dolled up now for the first of many a parties to come in the following months. How will I find time to attend all the soirees and still get dinner on the table for myself and my clients, you ask? The Personal Chef Approach™ of course! Take advantage of our Starting the New Year Right Sale and upgrade now!


Lets throw an awards party of our own right here! What was your favorite  recipe in 2011, and what was your favorite film this year? Have a great weekend, and good luck to all the nominees!

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