The gigantic lump in my throat, and that wind-kicked-out-of-me kind of pressure on my chest have become familiar symptoms after 14 years of putting my daughter back on a plane to England. You would think it would get easier with practice and age, but honestly? Nope! Tatjana really is my favorite person on the planet, and it never gets any easier to say goodbye to her. There is however, the consolation of knowing she’s going home to the loving embrace of someone very special this time, so she does go with my blessing.

Julie Anne & Tatjana Rhodes - saying goodbye never gets easier

Time to see “the glass half full” again. This visit seemed more poignant in many ways – I don’t have a son to compare the experience to, but I can’t imagine anything more touching than the heart to heart conversations Tatjana and I share. The major shopping damage we do together, or the giggles over scrabble games. We packed a lot into three weeks including a trip to Iowa to visit my folks, six movies, four clients, two failed attempts to see art exhibitions, one successful one, a 4th of July concert, and a little pampering time to boot.

Mother/daughter mani-pedi time

I usually indulge in a 24 hour pity party when she leaves, but the truth is I have a pretty full life of my own to get back to, and it’s time for me to walk my own talk. Okay, so maybe 12 hours of boo-hooing. It’s a mothers’ perogative, and I’m still a work in progress. The saying is “seeing the glass half full” (not completely full). What mother/daughter activities and memories do you cherish?

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